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Source: Reddit Ethtrader

When is it too much trust in ETH?
The moment that got me nervous was the point when I realized that my saved money in FIAT (euros and USD) is smaller than the ones saved in ETH. I live in a country with a weak economy and not… Read full article
2h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
Ethereum Price Holds Bullish Case Aiming For $4,400
Ethereum price is still on track for all-time highs despite the resistance at $4,000.
The SuperTrend indicator and the MACD send buy signals, encouraging buyers to join the market.
Ethereum bulls are adamant about letting go of their grip on… Read full article
Having $1,000,000 used to be looked at as a milestone of extreme wealth. Nowadays it’s looking the bare minimum you’ll need to retire happy
Some of you may read this and roll your eyes thinking that it’s ignorant to dismiss $1,000,000 as not a lot of money. But I say this with a forward looking perspective!

As inflation continues eating away at the value… Read full article
5h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
Timing a buy?
I’m looking to buy ~$3k in ether. Not a huge amount, but a fair bit of $ for me. It’s not money I need, so it’s ok if I lose it, but I believe in ether and don’t think that’ll… Read full article
7h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
Thoughts I'm having and not sure if this is possible even
People have been saying all year that BTC will (in the long run) reach 1 million per coin. That's a sixteen times increase and would make BTC's market cap 18.89T at the time of writing this. The NYSE's market cap… Read full article
9h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
Dear ETHTRADERS, Mark Your Calendars for Oct. 27
We all have been talking about ETH 2.0 and change of PoW to PoS. And things are finally coming in action.
Ethereum developers are making an effort to cut down energy costs, as well as vastly improve performance. Indeed, Ethereum’s… Read full article
EIP-1559 brings Ethereum into a deflationary environment
Following the activation of the EIP-1559 update on the Ethereum network, more than $ 1 billion in fees have been paid, leading to the burning of a large amount of Ether. Bringing this to cryptocurrency into a deflationary environment.

The… Read full article
ETH saved my life!

I'm not sure if your all interested in me blabbing on here but seriously I came across crypto 3 years ago when ETH was cheap as fuck.........

I couldn' t afford a house at the time with the market being… Read full article
13h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
[Thoughts] When will Ethereum dip and how low will it dip?
With Ethereum hitting or close to hitting all time highs, do you think it will dip soon or will it plow through and hit $8k?
Also, who are some good crypto traders to follow? Currently following Benjamin Cowen Read full article
What about the future trend of ETH?

It is now the rising stage of Ethereum 1.0 to upgrade ETH2.0, which means that if Ethereum upgrades to version 2.0, it means that the functions of Ethereum will be more and more, not only on the blockchain, if… Read full article
19h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
What price of ETH would be enough for you to stop working?
For me I would need around $200k and I could live the rest of my life off interest. Makes for good daydreams... Read full article
21h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
What is your Ethereum price for the end of the year?
I'm just asking out of curiosity

It seems to me that the price has advanced a lot compared to previous years however it can still increase maybe 4-5k is fine Read full article
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