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Source: Reddit Ethtrader

hello I'm from the future
ETH has climbed back to its ATH of $1k. I wished I bought more when it was sub $300 :'( Could have 3x my money.


Unfortunately I cannot reveal when exactly this happens, as it's against the rules.

​… Read full article
5h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
I've built a PoolTogether $DONUT Pod. 🍩
Hi everyone,

I've built a $DONUT Pod on PoolTogether during the hackathon they've organized in partnership with Gitcoin. From all the projects submitted, this one has been the highest rated one.

For people that don't know about PoolTogether, it is… Read full article
9h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
New Status of Cryptocurrency Companies in Canada
In different countries, cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency companies have different statuses. Now Canada had joined the list of countries that are ready to welcome cryptocurrency. Since 1 June 2020 exchange services and payment processes are legal there. Now, this type of… Read full article
Loopring vs. Kyber
Which will be the future for ETH? Read full article
Can a Staker (with ETH locked for a period) use his Proof of Stake Position to somehow gain an (extra) financial benefit?
Can a Staker (with ETH locked for a period) use his Proof of Stake Position to somehow gain an (extra) financial benefit with his 'proof'?. And how, when?

I am picturing a real estate analogy in my mind;
- you… Read full article
21h ago
Reddit Ethtrader
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