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Bitcoin Gold BTG


$472 199 843
$27 687 739

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Bitcoin Gold 51% Attacked – Network Loses $70,000 in Double Spends
The Bitcoin Gold (BTG) network suffered another set of 51% attacks on January 23-24, as roughly 29 blocks were removed in two deep blockchain reorganizations (reorgs). Reports indicate that more than 7,000 BTG was double spent as the chain suffered… Read full article
Bitcoin Gold Is Under 51% Dangerous Attack, Miners Double-Spend $72K
Bitcoin Gold Is Under 51% Dangerous Attack, Miners Double-Spend $72K
One of the most dangerous kinds of attacks for cryptocurrencies costs Bitcoin Gold its reputation, as January 2020 becomes the happy double-spend month for some selfish hackers.
Bitcoin Gold… Read full article
51% blowup on bitcoin Gold
There are a lot of attacks that are being successfully carried out on the crypto space and with an increasing number of attacks on the horizon, the enthusiasts in the crypto space are on high alert. The attacks that are… Read full article
Bitcoin Gold undergoes 51% attack yet again!
Bitcoin Gold [BTG], which is another hard fork coin of Bitcoin, recently underwent a 51 percent attack which costs approximately 7,167 BTG or $72k. This was revealed by James Lovejoy, President of MIT Bitcoin Club who detected two deep reorgs… Read full article
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