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Monero XMR


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What is Monero doing for second layer scaling?
Everybody’s got their second layer scaling plans. What is Monero doing for second layer scaling? Read full article
Using Bisq to trade BTC for Monero
I would like to use Bisq to trade BTC for Monero but I have a few questions about it. The Bisq FAQ says that the majority of transactions go undisputed, but what are the odds that something bad happens? 5%?… Read full article
Monero Shorts Picture
It was sure nice of u/M5M400 to share a pic of his Monero shorts! They're available on [Monero.style](https://monero.style/product/monero-athletic-long-shorts/) and you can even pay for them in XMR. Lots of other stuff too, check it out.

https://preview.redd.it/eyf27k2iv2851.jpg?width=4608&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=3302ca49c2f34f3143ab7a83ac6516cfadc9808d Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
List of potential pitfalls for monero over the next 10 years, ranked in order of probability
Hi guys,

Monero newbie here. Was wondering if some of the monero veterans could put forward their theories about the potential future pitfalls of monero over the next 10 years. This discussion could be a mechanism to diagnose these potential… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
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Bearish Trend
This refers to a market situation that is characteristic with ongoing price…
A technique used by hackers or shady site operators, that uses the computin…
Opening price
This is the price that a cryptocurrency starts trading at, during a defined…
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