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Dash on Swapzone!
We support DASH and just created the new coin page! Go & check this out 🤓⬇️


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7h ago
Reddit Dashpay
DeFi Dashboard Zapper Finds and Exploits A Vulnerability in Old ‘Polygon Bridge’ Smart Contract
Ethereum scaling layer 2 solution, Polygon, has been seeing a lot of adoption as more and more projects integrate with the sidechain in order to lower the fees.
Polygon allows users to enjoy faster transactions, lower gas fees, and more… Read full article
In Dash i trust
I firmly believe in Dash, I am hodling for 5 years now, only I find it unbelievable that in March 2017 9 Dash had the same value as 1 Bitcoin, now the ratio is 1 Bitcoin is 234 Dash, how… Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Dashpay
Why I invest in Dash
Firstly, I am not qualified to provide good insight, but I hold Bachelor of Arts, completed a Certificate II in Community Services and I was once the best Fiddlesticks player in all of OCE for League of Legends. I managed… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Dashpay
Dashboards with Monero metrics
I've built a couple of Grafana dashboards displaying [Monero network](https://monero.semyon.dev/d/NNg6KNqGk/network) and [node](https://monero.semyon.dev/d/AsehHVqGk/node) metrics. The metrics are scraped from my Monero node using an exporter I wrote in Rust. The sources are on my github [https://github.com/semyon2105/monerod-exporter](https://github.com/semyon2105/monerod-exporter).

I'd appreciate some feedback on… Read full article
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Cold Wallet
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