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Auto-Miner - Mineração Automática
É comum ver pessoas oferecendo soluções simples para ganhar dinheiro na internet hoje em dia… O que ninguém conta é o lado ruim destas…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
2h ago
Data shows autonomous coin Decred has a Power Law relationship with Bitcoin
Decred, a progressive cryptocurrency focused on governance, seems to have a natural connection to Bitcoin, as everything from its coin supply to price has followed Bitcoin’s ups and downs since 2014.

Decred has a deep relationship with Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the… Read full article
Luxury Automobile Company now accepts Bitcoin as a form of payment
Manufacturer of Luxury Automobile electric vehicles Company, Karma automotive will now accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Based in…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Karma Automotive to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment
Luxury car manufacturing company Karma Automotive has started accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment at their vendor in Newport Beach. Karma Automotive takes initiative towards blockchain The store, more commonly known as Karma Newport Beach, now accepts payments in… Read full article
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Crypto Glossary
Related to cryptocurrencies that use the POW protocol, thus are mine-able.…
Limit order / Limit buy / Limit sell
These are orders placed by crypto traders in order to buy or sell crypto cu…
Overbought Market
We talk about an overbought market, when more and more investors buy coins/…
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