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China’s crypto confusion, new privacy tools: Blockheads
Last week, various Chinese government-related entities gave mixed messages on cryptocurrencies, while Binance said it had been banned in Russia just days before Huobi launched a new crypto trading app in the same region. Finally, two interesting developments in privacy… Read full article
PS5’s Cross-Save Confusion Is A Win For Xbox Series X
PS5’s Cross-Save Confusion Is A Win For Xbox Series X CCN.com - News & Blazing Op-Eds
Xbox Series X is already outshining the PS5 in terms of clarity about cross-saving and backward compatibility.
PS5’s Cross-Save Confusion Is A Win For… Read full article
23h ago
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Lambo or a Lamborghini (Italian sports car) is what people often buy, when…
Cold storage
Because of security reasons, it's recommended to store cryptocurrency coins…
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