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Chinese Police Raids the Offices of the Crypto Project GXChain
GXChain is a Chinese cryptocurrency project founded in 2016. Recently it was targeted by China’s police, which resulted in the sealing of…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
9d ago
Chinese Authorities Clampdown on Popular ICO Startup GXChain
Chinese police reportedly raided the office of a popular and legit ICO company recently, according to a tweet on September 11, 2019. While the main reason for the crackdown isn’t known yet, there are speculations that the actions of the… Read full article
GXChain halts operations after Chinese police raid headquarters
GXChain, one of the most highly rated blockchain projects in China, was recently raided by Chinese authorities. The price of the project’s native token GXC plummeted in response to the news.

Police crack down on GXChain

On Sept. 11, the… Read full article
“Hot” Chinese ICO GXChain: Slammed by Police in Latest Anti-Crypto Move

In 2017, China suddenly did a u-turn on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Within months, the nation went from a leading innovator in this nascent sector to one of the most anti-crypto states, implementing bans on certain cryptocurrency media outlets, foreign… Read full article
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