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Mobius MOBI


$5 345 624
$113 813

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How to check which seeds words belong to which bitcoin.com mobile app wallet?
I have a Bitcoin.com mobile app with 2 BCH wallets (both of which have a BCH balance) and 2 BTC wallets (neither of which has a balance).

But I have one set of seed words written down on paper under… Read full article
Germany Forces Apple to Allow Mobile Payment Competition on iPhones
In the technology industry, Apple has built up a reputation for being protective of its NFC hardware. In Germany, that attitude will no longer fly, as a new law has been introduced. 
Apple is not intent on giving third parties… Read full article
Bitcoin wallet... an Android App by "Bitcoin Wallet Developers" used 2 gigs of mobile data this morning.
I never open or use this app. Yet, this morning I got a warning from Android about its data usage. I saw the pop up menu for the icon said "6 peers connected" and data was being sucked off the… Read full article
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A person/entity that is spreading FUD news. In some cases the news are real…
Refers to the ‘currency’ of projects built on the ethereum network that hav…
Soft Fork
Change to the software protocol of a blockchain that doesn't split the curr…
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