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Preston Byrne: Ethereum-Collateralized MakerDao Stablecoin DAI Is Collapsing
According to Preston Byrne MakerDao’s stablecoin that is collateralized with Ethereum cryptocurrency, is about to collapse. In a series of tweets, Byrne explained his reasons saying that the peg for Dai has been on a downward trend for the last… Read full article
Will Ethereum-collateralized DAI resuscitate or will it collapse?
MakerDao’s stablecoin, Dai, which is collateralized with cryptocurrency [Ethereum by default], is collapsing, according to Preston Byrne. In his tweet thread, Byrne described that the peg for Dai has been weakening over the years and his prediction of it being… Read full article
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A person or entity, that owns a large amount of cryptocurrency, but still n…
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Going short
A margin trade that profits if the price decreases.
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