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IOTA Network Down for 11 Days – Devs Claim Mainnet Will Be Operational Next Month
The IOTA network has been down for approximately 11 days and the IOTA Foundation doesn’t expect the mainnet to be reactivated until March 2. On February 14, our newsdesk reported on the beginnings of the IOTA outage, when the network… Read full article
[Weekly r/IOTA Discussion - Ask questions, and share info, thoughts, ideas!] - Week 07, 2020

Welcome to r/IOTA!

The r/IOTA sidebar, on the right, contains helpful links to IOTA resources and community-created tools.

It is important to keep your IOTA software (Trinity Wallet, or IRI) updated, in order to maximize your performance and security. Latest… Read full article
18h ago
Reddit IOTA
Iota Balance - iOS App that lets you check on balance and value of your tokens. No Seed needed!
So I‘ve got my Iota in a cold wallet since the beginning, but wanted to check on my balance and value from time to time.
Hence I made a small app, which lets you track multiple addresses and their values.… Read full article
21h ago
Reddit IOTA
Iota Nigeria fraud
With the shutdown of the coordinator I get some zero Iota massages in the new Android Trinity wallet

Bundle hash

* REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE - CONFIDENTIAL * I am Dr. Be Tunde, the cousin of Nigerian Astronaut, Air… Read full article
IOTA- Stolen tokens. What is the value in Miota or USD?
IF says 8.55 Ti has been stolen. How many MIOTA or USD is that? Read full article
What tells us that after the hack, the Iota foundation will not keep our tokens?
After doing some research, I started to wonder :

With the seed migration tool, IF will probably know our seeds. They could then ‘voluntarily’ trigger the KYC procedure and then be in the position to refuse it. The migration won’t… Read full article
Crypto wallets with 3rd party integrations are not safe (IOTA lesson)
I think crypto wallets used for payments do not need 3rd party integrations as they introduce great risks including the risk of your seed being stolen. Check out what happened to IOTA (https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.crypto-news-flash.com/iota-moonpay-integration-responsible-for-hack/amp/) and tell me that it cannot happen… Read full article
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