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Tag: IOT

IOTA Balance showing 0
It has been over 3 years since I have checked my IOTA balance. I recently downloaded the latest Trinity wallet. When I entered my seed my balance shows 0i. I should have a non zero balance.

I see my receive… Read full article
8h ago
Reddit IOTA
Bitcoin SV, IOTA, Zcash Price Analysis: 06 March
Bitcoin SV presented various Fibonacci levels for a bullish comeback, but its market was in a state of equilibrium, at the time of writing. IOTA could move below the $1.27-support as the on-chain metrics flashed bearish signals. Finally, Zcash might… Read full article
Made a post about IOTA on our crypto education page
I hope this is ok to share on here.
I started a crypto education and information page to help people learn more about crypto and get some honest and reliable info. Trying to help people not fall victim to scammers… Read full article
Tron, IOTA, Nano Price Analysis: 06 March
Tron climbed back above the $0.05-level and the bulls were able to defend this level from selling pressure, an early indication that TRX was on the path to recovery back towards its local highs. IOTA formed a bullish pattern and… Read full article
On why IOTA may need a decentralized version of Reddit and Twitter
In my opinion, a decentralized crypto currency necessarily needs a decentralized communication platform for the people responsible for the security of it and its participants because centralized communication can easily lead to it's corruption by misinformation and censorship.

To give… Read full article
IOTA token added as collateral asset on Bitfinex Borrow
Bitfinex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange platform, today announced it has added IOTA as collateral on Bitfinex Borrow; after it was successful in a recent social media poll.

An overwhelming majority of Bitfinex’s growing community opted for IOTA; with the token… Read full article
I revisited IOTA after 3 years. Is the address reusable? If not, how are smart contracts possible?
I'm into IOTA and NANO since 2017 and at that time, I realised that I should not use IOTA receive address more than once and I cannot have a receive address more than once. While this is good for machines,… Read full article
German Health minister bashed by Spiegel for not using IOTA-Solution ;D
One of the biggest news-portals in germany (Der Spiegel) is bashin the Germany Health minister, why he is not introducing the Ubirch/IOTA-solution ;D

Sry, only in german.

Recap: Solution costs only 8 cent per citizen. They question why it's not… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit IOTA
Why will Iota coin go up in value?
This may be a dumb question, but why is it expected that the value of IOTA coins will go up significantly assuming the technology really takes off, if the entire organization behind it is a non-profit? Read full article
2d ago
Reddit IOTA
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