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Sen. Warren’s challenger scores cryptocurrency super PAC backing
Explore the significance of Bitcoin Pizza Day, marking the first documented Bitcoin transaction for physical goods, and its impact on the crypto world. Read full article
Cryptocurrency lawyer John Deaton is dominating Elizabeth Warren on the campaign trail.
As reported by Eleanor Terrett of Fox Business, the lawyer turned Senate candidate raised $1.36 million in the first quarter, while Warren…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Elizabeth Warren’s Attacks on Cryptocurrency Are Coming Back to Haunt Her as Tycoons Work to Remove Her from Office
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is facing significant backlash for her anti-cryptocurrency, big government stance over the last few years as more than a dozen crypto executives and tycoons are donating to her opponent, Republican candidate John Deaton, in anticipation of...… Read full article
Pro-XRP Lawyer Deaton Takes The Lead, Outpacing Warren In Pivotal Senate Contest
John Deaton, a pro-XRP lawyer and crypto advocate, is running for a seat in the US Senate against Elizabeth Warren, known for her skepticism on cryptocurrencies, when US regulators are stepping up their enforcement actions and crackdowns on the crypto… Read full article
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