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Source: Bitcoinist.com

Philippines SEC Orders Binance’s Removal From Google And Apple App Stores, Report
The Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has stepped up its ongoing regulatory crackdown, ordering Google and Apple to remove Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, from their respective app stores. This follows earlier regulatory actions against the exchange’s operations… Read full article
Analyst: At Least 3 Meme Coins Will Have A Market Cap Of Over $100 Billion In This Bull Cycle
Once dismissed as a fad, Meme coins are now emerging as serious contenders in the crypto market. In a recent post on X, an analyst boldly predicted that meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Bonk are not just here… Read full article
Bitcoin Analyst Predicts Further Upside For BTC Price, Reveals Cycle Top
Crypto analyst Bluntz Capital has predicted a strong price surge for Bitcoin in the coming days, and a new all-time high could be in the books. Bluntz dropped his two cents on Bitcoin’s trajectory on the social media platform X,… Read full article
XRP Sees Big Money Accumulation: Rally Incoming?
On-chain data shows the number of big money investors has gone up for XRP recently, something that could be bullish for the coin’s price.
XRP Holders With At Least 1 Million Tokens Are Back Near All-Time High
According to data… Read full article
Shiba Inu’s Secret Weapon: Why TREAT Carries A Critical Role
On Monday, the Shiba Inu team behind TREAT announced a significant financial boost with a $12 million investment from strategic venture capital partners led by Cypher Capital. This funding is set to advance the development of a next-generation Fully Homomorphic… Read full article
7h ago
Is This The Bitcoin Tidal Wave? BlackRock ETF IBIT Leads Inflow Charge
BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) has become the talk of the financial world, recording a record-breaking 70 consecutive days of inflows. This unprecedented streak has propelled IBIT into the top 10 exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for the longest daily inflow run,… Read full article
Crypto Expert Confirms Rotation Has Begun Post-Bitcoin Halving, Are Investors Moving Away From BTC?
A crypto analyst has shed light on the latest trends regarding the Bitcoin (BTC) dominance within the crypto market, suggesting a potential shift in investor sentiment as they diversify their portfolios beyond the pioneer cryptocurrency. 
Bitcoin Dominance Is Waning
Popular… Read full article
Middle East Goes Crypto: 500,000 Daily Traders Fuel Market Boom
The deserts of the Middle East are experiencing a new kind of gold rush – a digital one. Cryptocurrency markets and investments are exploding in popularity, with the region witnessing a surge in daily traders and a growing embrace of… Read full article
Aftermath of Bitcoin Halving: QCP Capital Outlines Strategies for Investors
Following the much-awaited fourth Bitcoin Halving, cryptocurrency hedge fund QCP Capital becomes a lighthouse of knowledge, providing an in-depth analysis of what the post-halving landscape could hold in store in the short term.
Bitcoin Bulls To Hold Larger Long Position… Read full article
Cardano Founder Celebrates Next Step To Reach ‘Global Scale’
Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has expressed his enthusiasm for the formation of PRAGMA, a new independent open source association. This initiative marks a pivotal move towards achieving global scalability—a goal that Cardano aims to fulfill as it endeavors… Read full article
Crypto Platform Case: SEC Prosecutors Axed Or Forced To Quit After ‘Gross Abuse Of Power’
The relationship between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the burgeoning crypto industry has taken a dramatic turn for the worse. A recent court ruling against the SEC in a case against crypto platform DEBT Box has exposed… Read full article
16h ago
Ripple Responds To SEC Remedies With A $10 Million Power Move
In the XRP lawsuit, Ripple has filed its opposition to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) motion for remedies and entry of final judgment. The fintech company counters the agency’s for nearly $2 billion in penalties with a proposed… Read full article
‘Buy Bitcoin’ Note From Janet Yellen Testimony Nears $140,000 In Auction
In a significant development, a legal pad with the handwritten words “Buy Bitcoin” is currently garnering significant attention in the form of bidding, reaching nearly $140,000 in an ongoing online auction, as reported by Bloomberg. 
Janet Yellen’s ‘Buy Bitcoin’ Sign… Read full article
Halved Revenue? Bitcoin Miners Don’t Care As Hashrate Sets New ATH
The fourth Halving has now been completed for Bitcoin. Here’s how the miners have reacted to the event regarding their total hashrate.
Bitcoin 7-Day Average Hashrate Hit New All-Time High Recently
Halving is a periodic event for Bitcoin in which… Read full article
Bitcoin Versus Gold: Analyst Says The Yellow Metal Is A “Slow-Moving Rug Pull”
Taking to X on April 22, Willy Woo, an on-chain analyst, notes that the tides are turning in the age-old battle between gold and Bitcoin. While gold has enjoyed a 6,000-year reign as a scarce asset, advancements in mining technology… Read full article
Mt. Gox Users Finally Receive Payments, BTC, Bitcoin Cash Selling Pressure Incoming?
Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has reportedly begun repaying its users, providing a glimmer of hope for those affected by the exchange’s infamous hack over a decade ago. 
The trustee of Mt. Gox confirmed the verification process for eligible repayment clients… Read full article
Investors Panic: $206 Million Flees Crypto Funds As Interest Rate Fears Mount, CoinShares Reports
Global crypto investment products saw a net outflow of $206 million last week, reflecting investor concerns over the “potential impacts of Federal Reserve policy decisions on interest rates,” as reported by Coinshares.
Global Impact Of Crypto Outflows On Bitcoin ETFs… Read full article
BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Nears New Record With 69-Day Inflow Streak
The Bitcoin ETF market has witnessed a notable inflow streak, with BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF (IBIT) leading the race. Since gaining approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 10, the ETF market has experienced over… Read full article
Dogecoin Chart Flashes Buy Signal, Can DOGE Price Reach $1?
Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has provided a bullish narrative for the foremost meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE). Based on his recent analysis, there is a likelihood that Dogecoin can hit $1 sooner rather than later. 
Dogecoin’s Chart Flashes Buy Signal
Martinez… Read full article
Pro-Crypto Candidate RFK Jr To “Put The Entire US Budget On Blockchain” If Elected
During his latest rally, pro-crypto US candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. promised to use blockchain technology to “bring transparency to American citizens” if elected. The independent candidate has constantly advocated for blockchain technology and the crypto industry, which has granted… Read full article
Here Are The Most Bullish Predictions For Shiba Inu You Should Be Aware Of
Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been one of the crypto tokens that has been talked about the most since this market cycle began. Different analysts have weighed in and given several bullish price predictions on how high the meme coin could… Read full article
Is Peter Schiff Clueless About Bitcoin? BitMEX Spars Over Fee Spike
The recent Bitcoin halving event, meant to slow down the creation of new coins, has ignited a fresh debate within the cryptocurrency community.
Economist Peter Schiff threw gasoline on the fire by criticizing Bitcoin’s viability as a currency due to… Read full article
Polygon Is Not Dead: Analyst Predicts 7,800% Breakout To $55 For MATIC
MATIC, the native token of the Polygon network, has had perhaps one of the most disappointing runs of the top cryptocurrencies in the last year. While most of the market rallied to new yearly highs, the MATIC price continued to… Read full article
1d ago
Bitcoin Miner Revenue From Fees Explodes: What’s Driving This?
On-chain data shows the Bitcoin miner revenue percentage from the fees has exploded recently. Here’s what’s behind this sharp growth.
Bitcoin Runes Have Caused A Sudden Shake-Up In Miner Revenues
A couple of days ago, the much-anticipated fourth Halving, a… Read full article
Shiba Inu Team Raises $12 Million Via TREAT To Bolster The Ecosystem
The Shiba Inu development team announced a significant financial milestone, having successfully secured $12 million through the sale of its latest utility token, TREAT. This fund-raising round, led by the Web3-focused venture capital firm Animoca Brands, has drawn substantial support… Read full article
LUNC Revival Efforts Continue: Terra Community Set To Pass Important Proposal
The Terra community has initiated crucial proposals that could revive the cryptocurrency by bringing new changes to the Terra Classic ecosystem. With the voting process still ongoing and community feedback highlighting a potentially positive outcome, the price of LUNC, the… Read full article
ZKasino Fiasco: Crypto Betting Site Disappears With Investor Funds
The world of crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi) is no stranger to controversy, and the latest project to raise red flags is ZKasino, a gambling platform promising anonymity and high stakes. However, a storm of accusations paints a grim picture,… Read full article
1d ago
Next Batch Of Locked Solana Tokens To Be Sold By FTX Estate
The estate of the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is preparing for another significant disposition of assets, this time involving locked Solana (SOL) tokens. Unlike prior transactions, this batch of Solana tokens will be sold through an auction process, a departure… Read full article
Shiba Inu Shibarium Faces Technical Glitch: Network Outage Hinders User Experience
Amidst the burgeoning landscape of cryptocurrency solutions, Shiba Inu’s layer 2 protocol Shibarium suffered a major setback due to a temporary network outage within the platform that affected users’ seamless operations and experience. 
Shibarium Faces Temporary Service Disruption
Popular Shiba… Read full article
2d ago
Sam Bankman-Fried Turns Rat, Cooperates In Lawsuit Vs. FTX Celebrity Backers
The drama surrounding the FTX collapse continues to unfold with a surprising twist. Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto wunderkind turned convicted fraudster, has agreed to cooperate with investors suing the company’s celebrity endorsers, including sports stars Tom Brady and Shaquille O’Neal,… Read full article
Swiss Referendum To Oblige Bitcoin Holdings For Central Bank
A group of Swiss Bitcoin advocates led by Yves Bennaïm has initiated a referendum to amend the Swiss constitution in a way that would mandate the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to include BTC alongside gold in its currency reserves, as… Read full article
Crypto Industry Faces New Threat: Section 702 US Surveillance Bill Passed
The US Senate has voted to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), a move that has sparked widespread debate and concern among civil liberties advocates and members of the crypto community.

Section 702, originally introduced as… Read full article
Crypto Pundit Says Bitcoin Halving Is A ‘Buy The News’ Event
The fourth Bitcoin halving has now been completed and crypto investors look forward to its outcome in terms of the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As the biggest crypto asset, the price of most altcoins are largely correlated with… Read full article
Wealth Whisperers Go Crypto: Bitcoin ETFs Set For Big Boost From Unexpected Source
As the financial world witnesses a seismic shift in the landscape of cryptocurrency investment, institutional players are making bold moves into the realm of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).
Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley’s recent proclamation has sent ripples through the industry,… Read full article
Nigerian Court Adjourns Binance Tax Evasion Trial To May 17
A Nigerian court has rescheduled the hearing of a tax evasion lawsuit against Binance and some of its executives to May 17. This adjournment represents the latest development in the ongoing regulatory saga between various agencies of the Nigerian government… Read full article
Grayscale Proposes 0.15% Fee For Its Bitcoin Mini Trust Fund: Details
Asset management firm Grayscale has disclosed new details about its new Bitcoin Mini Trust fund, a “spin-off” of the GBTC exchange-traded fund (ETF). The new fund, which was first announced in March, is expected to operate independently and offer a… Read full article
Coin Center Opposes ‘Unconstitutional’ Stablecoin Bill – Details
Pro-crypto organization Coin Center is pushing against a new legislative bill targeted at regulating stablecoin use and operations. In a public statement released on Friday, the US-based advocacy group heavily criticized the Lummis-Gillibrand Payment Stablecoin Act, describing it as “unconstitutional”… Read full article
Crypto Analyst Predicts Further Upside For Shiba Inu, Here’s The Target
Shiba Inu is currently on a consolidation path after a strong upswing earlier in the month. Specifically, SHIB is currently down by 13% in the past seven days, although still up by 210% in a wider 30-day time frame. According… Read full article
3d ago
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