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TA: Ethereum (ETH) Turns Red, What Could Trigger Additional Losses
Ethereum failed to recover above the $2,500 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH price could accelerate its decline if it fails to stay above the $2,440 support. Ethereum traded below the $2,550 and $2,500 support levels. The price is now… Read full article
More like ‘shock-to-flow’ — BTC price hits bull trigger as mystery buyers scoop up supply
Bitcoin (BTC) is due for a fresh price surge if one classic price model repeats historical behavior — and buyers are still supporting it.

In a tweet on Tuesday, analyst William Clemente III noted that BTC/USD has reached a bullish… Read full article
More like 'shock-to-flow' — BTC price hits bull trigger as mystery buyers scoops up supply
Someone is buying "a lot" of Bitcoin this week as stock-to-flow deflection reaches a level which traditionally sparks a serious price surge. Read full article
SEC Chief says he is intrigued by crypto, but can’t overlook investor protection
The Security and Exchange Commission in the US has maintained that it would work towards greater investor protection plans in the coming days. Gary Gensler during an interview with Bloomberg revealed that his deep interest in the subject won’t come… Read full article
1d ago
BigONE View: Bitcoin is rising! Rumors triggered by an advertisement for a job posting?
Recently, the price of Bitcoin has risen. Many people analyzed the reasons for the surge and concluded that it could be linked to a recent…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
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