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Source: Cointelegraph.com

Stocks, Greed and Exuberance: 5 Things to Watch in Bitcoin This Week
Bitcoin price remains stable above $9,000 as data increasingly points to irrationally optimistic behavior on correlated stock markets. Read full article
Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone Use Blockchain for Roaming Settlement
Spain’s Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom and U.K. provider Vodafone have finalized a trial blockchain solution for the settlement of roaming discount agreements. Read full article
Singapore's Blockchain Payments Platform Ready for Commercial Launch
The Monetary Authority of Singapore is ready to deploy its multi-currency blockchain payments project for commercial use. Read full article
Messari CEO: Cardano Has ‘Plenty of Room for Growth’
Messari co-founder Ryan Selkis says Cardano’s recent price surge is proof that staking isn’t dead preparing for the upgrade to Shelley. Read full article
Japanese Residents Have Cash to Spare, But is it Going into Crypto?
The Bank of Japan reported the supply of money stock in circulation increased 6% in June following the receipt of economic relief payments. Read full article
Chainlink (LINK) Surges 39.5% to a New All-Time High — Here’s Why
Surging volume, price discovery, and new partnerships pushed Chainlink price to a new all-time high at $8.48. Read full article
G20 Lays Regulatory Groundwork for Accepting Digital Payments
G20 officials announced on July 11 that they would begin laying the regulatory groundwork for the group to accept digital payments. Read full article
Cardano Warns of Youtube Scams Promoting Fake ADA Giveaways
Cardano founder warns against Youtube scams promoting a fake ADA giveaway. Read full article
Dogecoin Surges, Coinbase Rumors, Brave Legal Threats: Hodler’s Digest, July 6–12
Bitcoin has practically turned into a stablecoin, Dogecoin has experienced a huge resurgence in popularity, and Coinbase might be preparing to list on the stock market. Read full article
Coinbase CEO Defends Licensing of Analytics Platform to Gov’t Agencies
Coinbase CEO says analytics platform is important to comply with AML rules and that only privacy coins can offer true privacy. Read full article
We May Expect a Bitcoin Rally If Coronavirus Breaks Into a Second Wave
Understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cryptocurrency and blockchain-based asset markets: negligible or significant? Read full article
Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Watch This Week: BTC, LINK, ATOM, XLM, BNB
The rally in altcoins is likely to continue if Bitcoin holds at its current levels but a breakdown below $9,000 could lead to aggressive profit booking by altcoin traders. Read full article
Shipping Giants Piloting Blockchain to Improve Efficiency
The Port of Rotterdam, along with global shipping giants, launches blockchain pilot to improve container handling’s safety and efficiency. Read full article
Unitize Roundup: Top 10 Quotes From the Virtual Blockchain Conference
Vitalik Buterin, Heath Tarbert, Brock Pierce and many more — here are 10 memorable quotes to take away from five days of the Unitize virtual blockchain conference. Read full article
Blockchain Platform Targets Change in Agriculture & Fishing Industries
The Release project says its blockchain-powered platform can solve logistical challenges for the agriculture and fishing industries. Read full article
Crypto Winter Could Really Be Over as New Bitcoin Starts to Bloom
Although the cryptocurrency industry still has many needed improvements, it nevertheless seems to be on an upward trajectory. Read full article
Nigerian Scammers Used BTC & Gemini Exchange to Siphon Millions
Nigerian scammers converted millions of dollars into Bitcoin via Gemini exchange according to an FBI criminal complaint. Read full article
How the US and Europe Are Regulating Crypto in 2020
Crypto regulation in 2020: The U.S. tightens regulation of crypto, while India has finally allowed banks to get involved with firms. Read full article
US Secret Service Creates Finance-Related Cybercrime Task Force
The Cyber Fraud Task Force created by the U.S. Secret Service aims to combat the growing trend of cybercrimes related to financial matters. Read full article
Key Metrics Show Institutional Interest in Crypto Is High and Rising
As institutions flock to crypto, here are the fundamental metrics that can be used to track their interest. Read full article
How the Tokenization of the Gaming Industry Empowers Players
Blockchain tech implementation into the gaming industry could seriously disrupt its closed investment ecosystem. Read full article
Why Banks Keep Blocking Cryptocurrency-Related Transactions
The close interaction between traditional finance and regulators is the key element in the development of the cryptocurrency industry. Read full article
Which Way Bitcoin Price? Current ‘Stablecoin’ Period Mimics Early 2017
The wait for Bitcoin’s next big price move is nearly over, and the next few days will signal which direction that will be. Read full article
Much Anticipated Central Bank Digital Currencies Raise Privacy Concerns
CBDCs are one of the hottest topics in the fintech space, but as their inception comes closer, serious privacy concerns come with it. Read full article
Three Industries That Will Be Blockchain Innovators Post-Pandemic
Nash’s co-founder said three industries will benefit from blockchain technology after the COVID-19 pandemic. Read full article
Cryptocurrency News From Japan: July 5 - July 11 in Review
Tosei real estate and Tokyo Financial Holdings issued an asset-backed digital financial product, Coinage registered with Japanese authorities as an exchange and more headlined news from Japan this past week. Read full article
Hacker stole 336 BTC from Crypto exchange Cashaa
Cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa said hackers took 336 bitcoin from one of its wallets. The company has stopped all crypto-related transactions. Read full article
OCC Seeking to Remove Structural Barriers to Financial Inclusion
The OCC launched a project to identify ways to improve financial inclusion and remove barriers to credit access. Read full article
To Accelerate Cryptocurrency Adoption, We Must First Improve User Experience
Cryptocurrency adoption is inevitable, but without strengthening our approach to user education, the process will be slow. Read full article
Bitcoin Price Ready for $10K Retest as Algorand, Tezos Continue Surge
Even though Bitcoin price has shown some weakness, key support levels are holding as BTC prepares for another shot at $10,000. Read full article
Startup Helps Reduce Child Labor in Africa & Aspires to Work with Tesla
A blockchain startup helps car manufacturers ascertain that the raw materials they use are not produced by children. Read full article
DOGE Tik Tok Pump Likely Over, OKCcoin CMO Says
With Dogecoin's price falling, OKCoin's CMO says the Tik Tok-fueled asset pump appears over. Read full article
Decentralized File Sharing, Explained
What is decentralized file sharing, how does it work, and what are the main benefits of a peer-to-peer sharing model? Read full article
Comparing Apple to Bitcoin? Crypto Occupies a Class of Its Own
Is it even fair to compare Bitcoin to younger versions of tech giants like Apple? Read full article
Review: ‘HOW ARE WE’ - Tokenized Performance Art Film
Love it or hate it, a piece of performance art is now in permanent residence on the Ethereum blockchain. So is it worth watching? Read full article
Japanese Exchange Holdings of Bitcoin Surged During the Pandemic
Japanese holdings of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, and Ether all surged during the coronavirus pandemic. Read full article
This Exchange Crashed Bitcoin Price to $9K: Here’s Why That’s Bullish
The drop in the price of Bitcoin on July 10 to $9,100 was led by Bitstamp, data finds, coinciding with selling by BTC miners. Read full article
Blockchain Changes Gaming Economics, Forte Exec Explains
Forte Labs' vice president of token economics explained blockchain underpinning can affect in-game asset supply and demand economics. Read full article
When Disaster Strikes: Decentralized Tech a Safety Mesh From Blackouts
Decentralized mesh networks are a technological lifeline in a disaster, allowing to check in on family and access crypto funds. Read full article
On the Importance of Not Losing — A Guide to Compound Interest
Finding a high-performance asset without insight is challenging, but systematically controlling losses is what is really needed to succeed. Read full article
New ‘Altseason’ Visualized: Top 10 Cryptos Outperforming Bitcoin
These are the alternative crypto assets that have outperformed the rest of the market including Bitcoin in the past week as the DeFi craze gains steam. Read full article
South Korea Brings Blockchain to Healthcare, but That’s Just the Start
Healthcare is among the first industries in South Korea to receive the benefits of data management and storage on blockchains. Read full article
The Encrypted Messaging Dilemma: Balancing Censorship and Freedom
Experts are of the opinion that governments need to work hand-in-hand with encryption-centric service providers to combat illegal activities on their platforms. Read full article
Correlation Between Bitcoin Price and Stocks Reaches a New All-Time High
Bitcoin’s correlation to the S&P 500 has reached a new all-time-high, what does this mean for BTC price? Read full article
Data Suggests Bitcoin Price Will Rise as Investor Demographics Shift
Data shows that a sharp shift in investor demographics and monetary power could propel Bitcoin price to new highs. Read full article
Crypto Management App Denies Being Hacked
London-based crypto-financial technology startup denied Sixgill’s claims that its database was stolen by hackers. Read full article
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