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Veritaseum VERI


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What is preventing nodes from verifying transactions that are malicious/bad/fake
Title. For example, if a miner verifies a block that has many transactions that are invalid, and only validated the block as fast as possible without trying to validate the actual transactions. What is preventing a miner from doing this?… Read full article
How do I verify that incoming transaction is mine?
I am using Monero API to verify incoming transactions.
My question may sound abstract but I'll try to be specific.
I have Monero address. Someone transfers 5XMR to that address. How do I check which transaction in blockchain resulted in… Read full article
1d ago
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Weak Hands
Investors or traders with "Weak Hands" are those that always panic the firs…
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This is the process of storing transactions in the blocks of the blockchain…
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