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Tag: Payments

NOWPayments is thrilled to support NEO and GAS as payment, donation and payout options!
Hi, it's Kate from NOWPayments here, nice to connect with you all!

You probably remember our post about Shopify NEO and GAS payments being supported. Thanks for such a lively interest, that was amazing :)

I am here with a… Read full article
2h ago
Reddit NEO
Romanian university plans to accept crypto payments for admission fees
A public university in the Romanian city of Sibiu in Transylvania has said it will allow students to pay for their admission fees in crypto.

According to an announcement from Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu on Wednesday, the institution plans… Read full article
E-krona Phase 1: A Payments System Perspective
The Swedish Riksbank have just published a report on phase one of their experiment with a central bank issued e-currency¹.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
8h ago
Adoption: Romanian university accepts crypto payments
Adoption abounds in the world of cryptocurrency as more and more companies, firms and public institutions are looking to accept payments of digital currencies. At the latest, a public university in Romania has announced that it will be accepting cryptocurrency… Read full article
Fed chairman fears banks 'losing ability to track payments' after cyber attack is his 'main concern'. If only there were a way to keep track of payments on some sort of a ledger...
Tldr: When probed if he expected the current economic downturn to mirror anything like the 2008 financial crisis, Powell said that the chances are "very low." Instead, Powell
mentioned "cyber risk" being the main concern, citing examples of large firms… Read full article
Can an ETH wallet generated on a permanently air-gapped computer be "looked up" and receive payments?
Say I generate an ethereum wallet on a computer that is not connected to the internet (never has been and never will be) using a program like MEW in offline mode. Could that wallet be somehow recognized as valid by… Read full article
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