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Russia Could Bring Back the Gold Standard via a Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency


Russia Could Bring Back the Gold Standard via a Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency


Russia Could Bring Back the Gold Standard via a Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Francisco Memoria
16 Jun 2019/In #Altcoins , #Stablecoins
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is reportedly… Read full article
Romanian Car Dealer West Oradea Group Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments via Netopia Mobilepay
As per an all new report released earlier today, a major European car dealership — The West Oradea Group — has announced its decision to adopt Bitcoin [BTC] so as to make it easier for its clients to facilitate their… Read full article
High-Powered Drones Now Mining on the Monero via Astral AR and Core Scientific’s Project Palladium
Astral AR has teamed up with Core Scientific have teamed together to put mining software on high-powered drones, Cryptoslate reports. This means that there are high speed drones are now securing the Monero network. The Texas based Astral AR specializes… Read full article
The FDA Partners with Walmart, IBM, Merck to Improve Pharma Supply Chain via Blockchain
The United States’ federal agency, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has partnered up with four high profile firms to launch a pilot…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Tokens on Bitcoin Soon Possible via Lightning
The search for a secure alternative to the very popular ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum has turned up an unexpected solution: issuing tokens via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network second layer protocol.

A CoinDesk article reports that BHB Network co-founder and staunch critic… Read full article
Legal & General to Move Pension Annuities to Blockchain via Amazon Web Services
The UK insurer, Legal & General, is reportedly making moves for pension annuities paid to pensioners to move permanently to blockchain via…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Police in China have reportedly gathered evidence of people laying cables via fish ponds to…
▪️ The Global Times is published under the auspices of state-backed newspaper group The People’s Daily.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Freelance Platform GoLance Adds Ripple Network For Secure Cross-Border Payment Solutions Via Digital Asset
A freelance platform, goLance has developed a solution to add the Ripple Network to its payment integration that will enable fast and secure cross border payments solutions. The interesting part is the mention of the digital asset. According to goLance… Read full article
Binance Exchange June’s Monthly Update See Launchpad Release 24 New Projects Via Binance Chain
Binance cryptocurrency exchange is a pioneer in the crypto trading business and other fields in the ecosystem. The company is currently the leader in cryptocurrency trading owing to the number of trades and trading volumes on the site. In a… Read full article
Ethereum Payments Coming to Amazon Thanks to CLIC Technology and Opporty via Browser App
The use of cryptocurrency to make purchases across popular retail platforms has gained traction in the last few years with many merchants from sectors such as clothing to travel and others now accepting various cryptocurrencies in exchange for their goods.… Read full article
Startups Debut First Protocol for Issuing Tokens via Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
The first protocol for issuing tokens via bitcoin’s lightning network is aimed to rival ethereum's ERC-20. But that's a tall order. Read full article
John Mcafee’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Launch Faces Hiccup via DOS Attack
John Mcafee launched a cryptocurrency Exchange platform, mcafeemagic.com, that was designed to work as a portal to numerous cryptocurrency exchanges at once. Hence, a user who doesn’t have access to a particular cryptocurrency can connect the API of another Exchange… Read full article
Rhode Island Solicits Blockchain Solutions Via Proof-of-Concept Proposals
According to official documents, which were published on 31st of May, Rhode Island’s Department of Administration/Division of Purchase in the United States has publicly asked for blockchain solutions via proof-of-concept proposals.
The department is looking for proposals, specifically from “qualified… Read full article
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