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Tag: Hackers

Why does Ethereum.org recommends a Discord called "Ethereum hackers"?
What do they mean by that? People actively trying to steal crypto from other investors? Or like white hackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities so they can fix it? Read full article
Bitcoin’s Exploding Value May Have Turned Bitfinex Hackers Into Multi-Billionaires
Holding cryptocurrencies have made billionaires out of some of the leading figures in the crypto ecosystem. Usually, these crypto billionaires are CEOs of exchanges or long-term investors, but there is an anomaly this time, and the names or faces behind… Read full article
Hackers Use Software Cracks and BitTorrent Client to Steal Cryptocurrency
It’s no secret that scammers are constantly trying to trick people into downloading malicious content from pirate sites. These files are generally easy to spot for seasoned pirates and they are often swiftly removed from well-moderated sites. However, for casual… Read full article
2016 Bitfinex hackers move BTC worth over $623M to unknown wallet
While the 14th of April was a big day for the crypto-community thanks to Coinbase’s listing developments, the day also saw news of an old hack rear its head again. The incident in question, the 2016 Bitfinex hack, made headlined… Read full article
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