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Binance P2P Trading Coming to India, Hints CEO CZ
Binance P2P trading might soon launch in India, as CEO Changpeng Zhao, utters his most infamous words, “careful what you wish for” Recently, the leading cryptocurrency exchange launched P2P trading functionality with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and USDT against the… Read full article
Finastra Joins RippleNet, Option to Use XRP for On-Demand Liquidity
The company's hundred’s of banking customers process millions of transactions each month Ripple has added a new customer to its total tally of 220 RippleNet customers. This latest addition is Finastra, a payment solution provider. As part of this partnership,… Read full article
Swiss Financial Giant UBS Officially Launches On We.Trade; Providing Blockchain Banking For SME’s
Banking giant operating in Switzerland, UBS has announced it has gone live on its We.Trade blockchain platform for trade finance. The bank also announced that the platform will soon be adopted by other banks that are also members. As per… Read full article
Tether (USDt) Token’s Running On Ethereum’s ERC-20 Set To Surpass Those On The Omni Protocol
More and more Tether (USDT), the world’s largest stable coin, are moving to the Ethereum network from the Bitcoin based Omni network, as recent data shows. The number of USDT tokens ‘minted’ on the Ethereum network is currently at 47%… Read full article
Pres. Trump’s Financial Threat To Turkish Economy Might Push It To Find Safe Haven In Bitcoin
The United State's President Donald Trump is known for his Twitter rants where he has threatened several nations over war and financial trade sanctions quite casually. Recently, it was Turkey's turn where he threatened to “destroy and obliterate” its economy.… Read full article
Microsoft, Intel Support New Reward Program From Enterprise Ethereum Alliance To Incentivize Users
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) comes up with a new reward token program to incentivize consortiums for their participation Microsoft and Intel backed Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) has come up with a trusted reward token system to incentivize enterprises for their… Read full article
Bitfinex And Tether Write Letter To Supreme Court; Deny NYAG’s Request For Documents On $900M Loan
The office of New York Attorney General in April alleged that Bitfinex has tried to cover up its losses of over $850 million by using the USDT reserves from its sister company Tether. Bitfinex claimed that the amount taken from… Read full article
Two Senators Warn Mastercard, Stripe, & Visa On Associating With Facebook’s Libra After PayPal Exit
Facebook's Libra stable coin's problems are mounting by the day, PayPal one of the key members of the Libra Association has already withdrawn from the project amid growing pressure and questions being raised about the legitimacy and privacy concerns associated… Read full article
Aphelion Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Shuts Down; Bag Holders Left With Useless APH Tokens
Cryptocurrencies starting up and amounting to nothing isn’t really uncommon. As more of the world learns of cryptocurrency, its “get rich quick” nature will make people try their luck. Sometimes, it happens to relatively successful coins as well, as is… Read full article
OmiseGo (OMG) Fosters New Partnerships With Universal Protocol Alliance And Hydro Labs
The top blockchain payments processor, OmiseGo, has joined hands with the broadest coalition of blockchain organizations in the world (Universal Protocol Alliance). The move is aimed at extending the innovative uses for cryptocurrency in the world. OmiseGO is said to… Read full article
Forbes Chairman, Malcom Stevenson, Bullish on the Potential of Bitcoin to Disrupt Financial Markets
Bitcoin has had a fair share of support from traditional finance players despite its potential to disrupt this industry. Steve Forbes, the editor-in-chief and current chairman at Forbes, is the latest to make positive sentiments about the cryptocurrency. Forbes termed… Read full article
Binance Rolls Out It’s Eighth Phase Of Lending; Offering 14-Day Fixed Terms On 9 Cryptocurrencies
The world of cryptocurrency is slowly going further and further into the mainstream market, and Binance’s lending products are a sure sign of that. The lending products have already been one of Binance’s offers, but they recently announced the eighth… Read full article
No Matter The Bitcoin Price Rally Or Crash, Exchanges Are Stocking Up On Billions Worth of BTC
A Twitter account has recently claimed that almost 7% of all the Bitcoin circulating in the market is stored in eight significant cryptocurrency exchanges' wallets. The popular crypto-Twitter commentator, The Token Analyst, posted this information just recently. Exchanges HODL the… Read full article
UNICEF Becomes First UN Commission To Launch A Crypto Fund; Ethereum Foundation Donated 100 ETH
The United Nations Children Education Fund (UNICEF) becomes the first UN commission to accept and make cryptocurrency donations. The announcement further claims these donations will be used to fund open source technology development for children across the globe. UNICEF To… Read full article
New OpenLibra Crypto Project Announced at DevCon, a Fork of Facebook’s Libra Coin
In the land of digital scarcity, blockchain can be a bit of a double-edged sword. Case in point, Facebook’s coveted Libra coin cryptocurrency project is now being ‘forked’ into a new project called ‘OpenLibra’. This permissionless version of Facebook’s blockchain… Read full article
L7 Trade Company: Another Crypto Ponzi Scam in the Making?
L7 Trade Company is a Russian-based crypto Ponzi scheme. The most frequent visitors to the website hail from Russia, Venezuela, and Ukraine. Ponzi investors operate in a race against time and the best time to invest in the scheme is… Read full article
DARB Finance Token: Safe Crypto Exchange with Daily Revenue Share?
Darb Finance is a digital platform that allows users to earn money by being part of it. How so, you may wonder. By carrying out cryptocurrency trade on the Darb website, you can generate DARB tokens, which enable you to… Read full article
EXXA Crypto Wallet: Legit Blockchain Wealth Management Platform?
Exxa is a digital company that aims to help people achieve financial freedom and independence by tapping on the game-changing potential of digital currencies. However, based on its operations and the information provided on its website, investors should find more… Read full article
Insolar Announces Microsoft, Oracle and Innosuisse Collaborations Ahead of Mainnet Launch
The blockchain provider Insolar has announced several important partnerships. The company is set to collaborate with Oracle, Microsoft and several innovations groups such as the German Energy Agency, the UK Energy Innovation Center and Innosuisse. This was the perfect time… Read full article
New BIS Innovation Hub Center Will Study Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Integration
Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are an important subject in Switzerland right now. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) has recently started a partnership with the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to begin a study on CBDCs, which will be conducted… Read full article
French Investment Bank Bpifrance Joins ACINQ Blockchain Startup’s $8 Million Investment Round
A few years ago, most of us would probably never have believed that traditional banks would be investing in the blockchain technology. This is, however, what seems to be happening right now. Bpifrance, an important state-owned French investment bank, has… Read full article
Gartner Says Blockchain is Currently at the Disillusionment Stage Within the Hype Cycle
The blockchain technology is not living up to it's big hype, at least according to Gartner’s Hype Cycle. A recent report made by The Next Web’s Hard Fork shows that the interest in the blockchain is decreasing and that many… Read full article
Hyundai’s Hdac Blockchain Technology Branch to Setup $10 Million Fund To Release Mainnet
The blockchain-focused arm of Hyundai, Hdac Technology, has announced that it would set up a $10 million USD fund to invest in it's blockchain. According to the official reports, the company is set to use the money to launch it's… Read full article
Telegram Breaks The Silence About Its $1.7 Billion TON Blockchain Project
Telegram is finally ready to talk about its long-awaited Telegram Open Network (TON). After raising $1.7 billion USD last year in one of the most successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) ever, the Telegram network has decided to finally go public… Read full article
Hardware Wallet Provider Ledger Integrates Atomic Swaps Using SWFT’s Cross-Blockchain Protocol
Cryptocurrency hardware wallet developer, Ledger, announced partnership with cross-blockchain app, SWIFT Blockchain, to provide users with atomic swap payments across blockchains. The official announcement released on Oct. 8 states Ledger Live wallets will integrate the SWIFT protocol to provide a… Read full article
EOS Developer Block.One Launches EOSIO 2.0 With Smarter Contracts And Enhanced Security
Block.one, one of the EOS developers, has announced the launch of EOSIO 2.0. According to the press release, this is a new version of the famous smart contract protocol that was used by the company to host dapps and to… Read full article
WV’s ‘Military Mobile Voting Solution,’ Had An Unsuccessful Hacking Attempt in The 2018 Election
In an official address by the Secretary of State, West Virginia, someone tried to infiltrate the blockchain-based voting system used by the state in the 2018 election cycle. Unsuccessful Attempt at Breaching Blockchain According to the official report by the… Read full article
Blockchain Bank Bankorus’ Is Effectively Shut Down; Investors Have Pulled Out, No More Cash
Overstock’s venture into the blockchain space continues it's downfall after the departure of their ex-CEO, Patrick Byrne. This time Bankorus has shut down. Bankorus is an AI-powered, blockchain-wealth management platform, and security token marketplace built on the blockchain. According to… Read full article
Plug And Play Bitcoin Custody Startup Launches Casa Node 2 And NodeOS With BTCPayServer
A prominent Bitcoin custody provider called Casa has announced Casa Node 2, the second version of its BTC Lightning nodes. The company affirmed that the new service will be much faster than the previous one and that it will run… Read full article
Anchorage To Be The First Institutional Custodian For Telegram’s GRAM (GRM) Token
Anchor Labs, a digital custodian, has recently affirmed that the company would be the first institution to be officially qualified for supporting Telegram’s Gram (GRM) token. Anchorage Trust Company, a subsidiary of Anchor Labs, will hold the tokens for institutional… Read full article
Telecom Giant KT And Korean Muslim Foundation Partner On Blockchain Halal Food Pilot
South Korea's largest telecom firm KT is all set to venture into the country's ever-growing halal food market by partnering with a local blockchain developer B-square, reported Aju Business Daily. The partnership would see the development of a blockchain-based management… Read full article
DuckDuckGo’s Research Reveals a Bullish Case for Bitcoin
The privacy-focused search engine, DuckDuckGo revealed in its latest research that people are concerned about their privacy and actually taking action. A quarter of people surveyed, that is 23%, “deleted or deactivated a social media profile due to privacy concerns,”… Read full article
Japanese Internal Affair Minister Says Crypto Donations To Politicians Are Legal; Disclosure Not Needed
Sanae Takaichi, the internal affairs and communications minister of Japan, has recently affirmed that politicians can receive donations made with cryptocurrencies. According to him, crypto donations do not necessarily need to be disclosed via the Political Funds Control Law, as… Read full article
European Union Commissioner Proposes Cryptocurrency Regulation; Especially For Libra
Libra is scaring the European governments as Facebook and two dozen firms look forward to the launch of the stable coin in early 2020. The Executive Vice President of Designate an Economy that Works for People and European Union’s financial… Read full article
“Evolution Of Bitcoin Market” Means “We’re Closer Than Ever Before To Getting A BTC ETF” – Bitwise
So, the fate of one of the last Bitcoin ETF applications is upon us. At least, it would be the final decision as Matt Hougan of Bitwise Investments in his interview, didn’t talk about postponing the application like SolidX-VanEck. Is… Read full article
Ethereum And Cardano Will Both Launch Proof of Stake Blockchains In 2020; Will PoS Outperform PoW?
Two major blockchains – Cardano (ADA) and Ethereum (ETH) – are looking to update and switch to the Proof of Stake (PoS) respectively in 2020. As two of the major blockchains move towards PoS, 2020 looks like the year that… Read full article
Is BTC’s Block Size An Issue Or Will Off-Chain Scaling Like Lightning Network Handle The Load?
In an interview with Decrypt, Blockstream’s Chief Strategy Officer Samson Mow said that the current block size limit may not even be needed in the future. Blockstream is the leading provider of blockchain technologies, at the forefront of work in… Read full article
Can Binance’s Winning Strategy Be Replicated For Crypto Derivatives? Delta Exchange Thinks So
In 2017 Binance came out of nowhere and raced to the top position in crypto exchanges. It took Binance less than six months to beat well-established incumbents like Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitfinex. Binance’s success in large measure driven by its… Read full article
UAE Capital Looks To Place Land Registry on SmartHub Blockchain Solution
The United Arab Emirates' capital is looking to put its land records on a blockchain platform. It is according to a press release that featured on The Block on Monday. The government agency that is responsible for the development strategy… Read full article
America’s Pension Problem Deepens As GE Freezes Employee Retirement Benefits; Time For BTC
General Electric has decided to freeze all retirement benefits for 20,000 of its employees, in an attempt to save $8 billion in pension deficit's, deepening America's already deteriorating pension problems. When a pension is frozen, it no longer shows earnings… Read full article
Ripple Owns A ‘Lot of XRP’ & Invested in the ‘Success Of The Ledger’, But it Isn’t A Security
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse, who said Facebook launching its cryptocurrency project has been good for Ripple station at that time, “This is going to be a record week for Ripple.” He even said he will be sending “a case of… Read full article
KeyTango And GSR Markets Partner To Reduce Risks in Crypto OTC
Over-the-counter desks are now allowed by the cryptocurrency settlement solution provider in a bid to evade the responsibility of cryptocurrency custody and also to minimize counterparty risk. An Israel startup known as Tango, offers non-custodial clearing services piloted trading options… Read full article
Dubai Dept. of Economic Development Rolls Out Business Registry Using Blockchain Tech
The Department of Economic Development in Dubai recently announced its move to a Unified Business Registry Platform (UBRP) hosted on the innovative Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS) of Dubai Pulse, a joint initiative of Smart Dubai and DU. The… Read full article
Grayscale Increases Bitcoin’s Share While ETH, XRP, BCH, & LTC All Get A Cut
Grayscale Investments has released the updated weightings for its Grayscale Large Cap Fund for the period of June 30, 2019, to September 30, 2019, that reveals that Bitcoin’s share has risen even further. Following its quarterly review, Grayscale shared that… Read full article
Latest Social Media Research: Altcoin Mentions Drop Drastically; Bitcoin SV Tweets Down 87%
Research by cryptocurrency researchers has shown that Bitcoin SV has suffered one of its biggest plunges in October. Twitter shows that the “altcoin mention season” has drastically dropped this month, TIE reported. The plunge even worsened after Bitcoin went below… Read full article
Major South Korean KB Kookmin Bank Adopts Blockchain Tech; Anticipating Digital Revolution
As the concept of blockchain becomes more and more widespread, many companies are roping it in to help with their internal processes. The institution stated that blockchain technology offers a multitude of benefits for the financial industry. Things like trading,… Read full article
Former DOJ Member Claims A US Ban Of Libra Like Tech Could Raise Natural Security Issues
In an interview with CNBC, Katie Haun, the former Bitcoin-related prosecutor turned crypto vocalist, said the United States faces a huge risk in national security if it bans and outlaws the development and use of Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra. A Long… Read full article
Hyperledger Exec Proposes Election Voting Changes To TSC, In Hopes Of Boosting Participation
In an email sent out to the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee (TSC) mailing list, Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf, proposed five new changes to the election rules in a bid to boost voter turnout. According to a report released on… Read full article
Chainlink Launches Trusted Computation Framework In Partnership With Intel, Hyperledger, And EEA
Chainlink a decentralized oracle platform based on the Ethereum network has announced a new Trusted Computer Framework (TCF) in association with Intel, Hyperledger, and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) in order to connect the centralized enterprises with the decentralized world. The… Read full article
QuadrigaCX Founder’s Widow Voluntarily Transfers $9M To EY Canada For User Reimbursement
Gerry’s widow set to transfer $9 million USD in assets owned by her late husband, to the accredited investors with funds locked and lost on a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange, QuadrigaCX. According to a personal statement from Jennifer Robertson, Gerry’s widow… Read full article
Facebook Led Libra Under Fire Again As German Finance Minister Remains Critical Of New Stablecoin
While Libra may be having a neutral reception in Switzerland, the EU as a whole is giving the developing stablecoin an icy shoulder. This is in spite of Europe warming to the idea of an EU backed cryptocurrency. Olaf Scholz,… Read full article
Global Elites vs Bitcoin: 3 Reasons Why World Powerhouses are Waging War on BTC
If you believe conspiracy theories, then you already know that elites hate bitcoin. Bitcoin disrupts the trillion-dollar global banking system. It frees individuals from state-run currency systems. It gives individuals freedom that governments could never have anticipated. And now that… Read full article
Celer and Cere Network to Release Decentralized Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
The Celer Network and the Cere Network have recently started a partnership. Now, the two companies are set to create a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution together by uniting their strengths. While Celer is focused on layer 2 scaling solutions,… Read full article
Algorand’s Former Algo Capital CTO Takes Blame For Recent Hot Wallet Hack
Pablo Yabo, the last Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the investment company Algo Capital has recently affirmed publicly that he takes responsibility for the major security breach that happened to a hot wallet controlled by him. His cellphone was compromised… Read full article
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