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xRapid Update: Bitso Liquidity Index Breaks Into An ATH As XRP/MXN Trading Gains Momentum
Mexican licensed crypto exchange Bitso is seeing heightened activity when it comes to XRP/MXN trading. Though the volume in itself isn’t much, it is making progress and continuously growing. The latest liquidity index on Bitso XRP/MXN.The index is shown in… Read full article
Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto To Invest $100,00 In The “Future Of Money”
The crypto initiative of payment company Square, Square crypto recently announced that they are allocating $100,000 on grants to the BTCPay Foundation. Square Crypto was founded to give back to the open-source bitcoin community. This is us doing that. #BH2019… Read full article
US Treasury Warns US Fintech Companies To Be Regulatory Compliant
Sigal Mandelker, the US Treasury undersecretary recently said that cryptos can become the next frontier on the war on terror. “While most terrorist groups still primarily rely on the traditional financial system and cash to transfer funds, without the appropriate… Read full article
Bitcoin QR Generator Crypto Scams Running Rampant On Google; Hampering BTC Adoption
Bitcoin trading has gone up this year as bulls have returned to the market with renewed interest in the leading cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency has surged past $10,000 this year, and the price rise seems to be continuing into the later… Read full article
Venezuela To Land First Bitcoin ATM While Largest Bank Adds Support For Petro Cryptocurrency
Venezuela has finally got its very first Bitcoin ATM. The country witnessed quite a high volume of Bitcoin trading, and despite that, the Bitcoin ATM launch took several years. the Latin American firm PandaBTM has installed a crypto ATM in… Read full article
Another Blow To BitPay, Now Domain Provider NameCheap Is Looking At Different Options
Crypto payments processor, BitPay continues to face backlash from the users, as such companies are seeking different options. NameCheap, one of the top domain name registration service providers and a web hosting company is the latest one that might not… Read full article
Custom Jewelry Maker Ben Baller Regrets Selling His Bitcoins At $1,000 Per
Ben Baller recently took to Instagram and told his 1.4 Million and said that selling Bitcoin at $1,000 was one of the biggest regrets of his life. View this post on Instagram People often ask me and DM me about… Read full article
Bittrex Adds Another Crypto To Its “No Longer Accessible To US Customers” List
Exchanges operating in the US continues to add cryptocurrency to the long list of digital currencies that won’t be available to US customers any longer. Binance.com has already stopped serving US customers. But the leading cryptocurrency exchange is launching its… Read full article
Dan Larimer On 30k EOS Hack, “No Different Than High Fee Transaction Spam On BTC Or ETH”
An exploitation of EOSIO allowed an attacker to gain 30,000 EOS worth over $110k by winning every roll on the gambling decentralized app (DApp) EOSPlay. The attacker used REX, the Resource Exchange is a bucket that collects all the EOSIO… Read full article
BTC Bull Tim Draper Says Bitcoin’s Value Could Climb to Over $250,000 By 2020
Prominent BTC maximalist Tim Draper has labeled his prediction for 2022 as “conservative”. Tim’s involvement with Hotmail, Coinbase, Twitter is well-known. Even though at times his outrageous statements are frowned upon, Draper’s faith in Bitcoin is famous. Good interview with… Read full article
Square Crypto Grants $100,000 to Crypto Payments Processor BTCPay Server
Square Crypto has announced that it is giving $100,000 grant to the BTCPay Foundation, a non-profit organization behind crypto payments processor BTCPay Server. Founded in 2017 by a Bitcoin developer, Nicolas Dorier, the project is an open source Bitcoin payments… Read full article
Crypto Exchange Kraken Encounters a Bug, Allowing People to Buy BTC at $8k
On Sept. 13, a test of an unreleased advanced order type encountered a bug on Kraken, shared the cryptocurrency exchange on Twitter: 1/3 Yesterday a test of an unreleased advanced order type encountered a bug which resulted in the order's… Read full article
Germany’s Grand Coalition Looks To Deny All Private Stablecoins Like Facebook’s Crypto Libra
France and Germany have agreed to block Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency. In a joint statement, the two governments confirmed that no private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations. The EU is taking a tough,… Read full article
US Treasury Claims North Korean Weapons Program Is Funded By Crypto’s From Hacking Group Lazarus
The U.S. Treasury Department said Friday that North Korean state-sponsored hacking groups attacked critical infrastructure, drawing illicit funds that ultimately funded the country’s weapons and missile programs. Sigal Mandelker, Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, states: “Treasury is… Read full article
Fintech Investment Platform BnkToTheFuture To Roll Out Security Token Offering (STO) For Startups
Demand for security token offerings (STOs) is growing in the crypto industry, and many leading platforms are taking steps to provide this form of the token sale to their clients. STOs have been created to enable crypto platforms to become… Read full article
Dark Market Hackers Are Selling $800 In Bitcoin For $10k Cash To Help Launder Money: Armor Research
Security experts and researchers have recently identified an ongoing trend of illicit and lucrative transactions involving BTC to cash transactions. The security experts provided a glimpse into what is taking place in the dark web after analyzing dozens of transactions… Read full article
Cubans Are Avoiding US Trade Embargo With Crypto; Global Marketplace Access And Remittances
BTC trading has helped open new trading avenues for Cuba citizens. The communist country has been isolated financially for many years under a siege that was started by the embargo placed on it by the United States. According to a… Read full article
Tassat,The Rebrand Of TrueDigital, Teams Up With AlgoTrader To Launch Crypto Derivatives
Tassat, an institutional digital assets company that was previously referred to as trueDigital has entered into a partnership agreement with AlgoTrader a trading software provider. The partnership has come in the heels of the company announcing that it was about… Read full article
BlockFi’s Customers Can Start Earning Up To 6.2% Interest On Crypto; No Matter How Much You Hodl
BlockFi, a cryptocurrency lending platform has indicated that its customers will now start earning interest on all their deposits, regardless of whether they are GUSD (Gemini Dollar), ETH (Ether), or BTC (Bitcoin). No Set Minimums The crypto lending company based… Read full article
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