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Source: BTCWires

Bitcoin was almost named Netcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto
Domain purchases below AnonymousSpeech around similar timelines disclosed the creation of Netcoin.org on Aug. 17, 2008 — simply on a daily basis before the creation of Bitcoin.org.
Coming up with a decent name is commonly one among the foremost difficult… Read full article
MEVbots backdoor drains users’ Ethereum funds via arbitrage trading bot
An investigation of MEVbots’ contract discovered a backdoor that enables the creators to empty Ether from its users’ wallets.
MEV gain, an Ethereum (ETH) arbitrage commercialism larva designed by MEVbots, that claims to produce stress-free passive financial gain, has been… Read full article
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Technical Analysis (TA)
A method used mostly by traders, to predict the future value of a coin/toke…
Ethereum Request for Comment... This acronym is commonly used instead of ER…
Let's use the wikipedia definition here, since I like it : "A cryptocurre…
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