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Source: Coin Insider

Bitcoin investment: Switzerland steps up regulations
Cryptocurrency adoption continues to spread across the world as Switzerland steps up its regulatory approvals for cryptocurrency investment tools. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) officially announced that it has approved the Crypto Market Index Fund as the first… Read full article
Will cracking down on Bitcoin only make it stronger?
Bitcoin is only getting stronger with government crackdowns, according to Edward Snowden.
The former agent for the United States Intelligence Agency and famed government whistleblower took to Twitter last year when Bitcoin suffered a major decline surrounding uncertainty around the… Read full article
CBDCs rising: Over 50% of the world testing digital currency
The idea of a digital currency has been around for over a decade, with Bitcoin paving the way for blockchain-based tender to exist in our financial system. However, the idea of a national digital currency set to work in conjunction… Read full article
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