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Source: Crypto-News India

Now You Can Try ‘Teleporting’ Bitcoin for Greater Privacy With CoinSwaps
Developers have long been working on making Bitcoin more private because every bitcoin (BTC) transaction ever sent is stored in the blockchain, which anyone can see. Last week, Bitcoin privacy programmer Chris Belcher released an alpha version of Teleport, an… Read full article
10M Ether Now Locked on Eth 2.0 Staking Contract
Over 10 million ether (ETH) is now locked on Ethereum’s Eth 2.0 staking contract ahead of a planned upgrade to a proof-of-stake blockchain, data from analytics tool Dune Analytics show.

The landmark figure was reached nearly 15 months after Eth… Read full article
Binance Suspends Transactions With Russian Mastercard and Visa Cards1
Crypto exchange Binance has blocked transactions with Mastercard and Visa cards issued in the Russian Federation. The trading platform announced the move after the American payment giants decided to halt operations in Russia over its military invasion of Ukraine.

Russians… Read full article
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