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Source: Ethereum World News

Analyst Calls For $10,000 As Bitcoin (BTC) Stabilizes Around $8,000
Bitcoin Closes Weekly Candle Strong

Despite the fact that Bitcoin (BTC) has just shed $150 in under an hour, breaking under the $8,000 support level yet again, many are still bullish on the cryptocurrency. The fact of the matter is,… Read full article
Fundstrat: Bitcoin (BTC) Moving Back to $8,000 Confirms Crypto Winter Is Over
Bitcoin Bear Market Over, Declares Fundstrat

That’s right, according to Fundstrat Global Advisors, the Bitcoin (BTC) bear market is finally over. In a tweet posted Sunday, Thomas Lee, Fundstrat’s resident crypto cheerleader and head of research, revealed his firm’s 13… Read full article
Binance Coin (BNB) Price Climb Continues, Hits New All-Time High
The unreal price climb for Binance Coin (BNB), the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has continued into the fifth month of the year.

On January 1, 2019, Binance Coin was trading for $6–down from the currency’s all-time high of… Read full article
Will Bitcoin (BTC) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Payments War Destabilize Market?
With bitcoin (BTC) back above $8,000 and set to accelerate higher, the last thing crypto needs is a fallout between the bitcoin developer and business community and the diehard Bitcoin Cash (BCH) believers.

Bitcoin fork BCH, whose supporters insist that… Read full article
Get Ready. Bitcoin-Centric “60 Minutes” Episode Airs Shortly
CBS To Air Bitcoin Segment

Get ready, in under an hour (7:00 PM EST), CBS will air a Bitcoin (BTC) focused episode of “60 Minutes”, a world-renowned television program known for tackling tough issues and covering key trends. So set… Read full article
Brad Garlinghouse: xCurrent is an Upgrade of SWIFT 2.0
Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, believes that xCurrent is an upgrade of SWIFT. He made this statement while addressing representatives of banks and financial institutions where he was the only member from the private sector.

SWIFT is the dominant… Read full article
Buying Bitcoin (BTC) Is Investing and Saving for Retirement
When talking about retirement investments, people usually focus on stocks. However, Bitcoin is proving to be a better retirement investment asset, even ahead of stocks, commodities, and other traditional investment vehicles.

BTC Perception Is Improving

Bitcoin’s popularity continues to grow… Read full article
Poll: Traders Would Rather Long Ethereum (ETH) Than Ripple (XRP)
It’s always a battle for dominance. Bitcoin is the lead commanding 56.9 percent of the total market share while Ethereum (ETH) follows closely at 10.9 percent as Ripple (XRP) trails with a share of 6.82 percent. Because of this, it… Read full article
Plunge Denied: Bitcoin (BTC) Taps $8,000 After $1,700 Flash Crash
Bitcoin Jumps Up To $8,000

And just like that, we’re back over $8,000. Just hours ago, Bitcoin (BTC) tapped the aforementioned price level yet again, seemingly denying calls that a downturn is inbound. As Dan Held, the co-founder of Interchange,… Read full article
Ripple’s XRP Follows Up: $0.4100 Next as BTC Returns
Despite the $1.300 plunge in just two days by Bitcoin BTC against the US Dollar reaching below to $7,000.00, the leader climbed its way back up quickly in the first hours of today’s market performance with the expected level tank… Read full article
Facebook Launches Swiss-Based Startup to Develop Its Crypto
The social media heavyweight has recently set up a company in Switzerland to focus on its stablecoin and blockchain-based payment system

Citing a Swiss news website, Handelszeitung, Reuters reports that Mark Zuckerberg’s social media has chosen the local jurisdiction for… Read full article
Could Bitcoin (BTC) Scale Back Even Further? Analyst Thinks Crypto Needs To
Bitcoin Bull Market Might Not Have Started

Bitcoin (BTC) is very cyclical. Over its ten years as a tradable asset, it has followed a set pattern, which can be easily charted. This is why Magic Poop Cannon, an ill-titled analyst,… Read full article
Bitcoin And China’s Yuan Are Inversely Correlated, Blockchain.com Research Says
BTC Spiked As The RMB Fell

Evidence is purportedly mounting that Bitcoin and the Chinese Renminbi (RMB), known as the Yuan, are tied to each other. A report from the South China Morning Post recently noted that after Donald Trump,… Read full article
CNBC Counter Indicator Does it Again; Bitcoin Bounces Back in 8% Surge
Hopes of a lower priced Bitcoin for better accumulation opportunities are fading. It has been clear from the crypto twitter verse that many had been waiting for a drop back to $6,000 to load up again but the opposite has… Read full article
Study Finds Several “Important Discrepancies” in Ripple’s Reports. Did They Lie?
Ripple has been a company known for projecting an image of seriousness and transparency (despite not having the support of the most purists within the crypto be seen). Its business strategy has allowed it not only to position itself as… Read full article
Bitcoin Must Close Above $7,600 In Order for Bulls to Maintain Strength
Despite incurring a massive amount of buying pressure over the past several weeks that helped push the price of Bitcoin to fresh year-to-date highs around $8,400, this newfound upwards momentum stalled earlier this week when BTC swiftly dropped below $7,000,… Read full article
Bitcoin (BTC) Could Sell-Off Further, Plunge Under $7,000: Analyst
Bitcoin Might Be Poised To Drop Further

On Friday, the crypto market was shocked when Bitcoin suddenly flash crashed. Within an hour, the leading cryptocurrency fell from $7,800 to $6,100 on Bitstamp, as one entity seemingly triggered a massive sell-off… Read full article
Russia and Venezuela are Evaluating to Ditch American Dollars and Adopt the Petro and the Ruble Instead
Venezuela and Russia are in talks to abandon the use of U.S. dollars in their transactions and replace this currency with rubles and Petros.

According to an article published by the Russian news portal RT, Jorge Valero, a representative of… Read full article
First Brexit, Now Trade Wars: Global Politics Driving Bitcoin (BTC) Investors
In April, after more than a year of falling prices, Bitcoin and the crypto markets took off on a bullish rally. While the initial price jump has been tied to a massive 21,000 BTC buy, geopolitical overtones at the time… Read full article
Are Privacy Coins as ZCash, Buggy with Undetectable inflation?
ZCash is among privacy-focused coins that may be prone to undetectable inflation which is probably caused by a bug in its code. Although it is hard to measure or even detect the inflation, it is not entirely impossible and ZCash… Read full article
SEC Must Decide About VanEck Bitcoin ETF the Same Day Pro-Crypto Commissioner Hester Peirce Will Speak About This Subject… Good News Ahead?
Everybody in the crypto-verse is focused on expectations and speculation. Which currency will rise, which will fall, which company will adopt blockchain technologies… and which will be the first Bitcoin ETF approved by the SEC.

Commissioner Hester M. Peirce (source… Read full article
The Shift to Global Standards: USDS, InterLedger Protocol for IoV
In the early days, there were specific sources of information, the way goods were being shipped from one point to another. Additionally, communication languages available all over the world created communication barriers. Now, the world is changing, and everything is… Read full article
TRON (TRX) Launching Privacy Features on Testnet
TRON, the eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and one of the industry leaders in decentralized applications, is set to launch privacy features on its testnet in the coming days.

According to an interview published on May 16, TRON CEO… Read full article
Bitcoin (BTC) Bull Run: Why This Time it’s Different to 2017 – Silbert
Barry Silbert founder and chief executive of the Digital Currency Group and Grayscale Investments, made an appearance on Bloomberg at the end of a fretful week in crypto, and as expected is un-phased by the Bitstamp-induced correction, predicting this bull… Read full article
Gemini Owner: “Bitcoin (BTC) Is Gold 2.0. It Matches or Beats Gold across the Board”
Some crypto enthusiasts see Bitcoin three directions; as a store of value or as a digital currency, that is a medium of exchange, or as both.

For Tyler Winklevoss, the co-founder of Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin is a store… Read full article
Bitcoin Drop To $6,100 Might Just Kick-Off A Rally To $20,000 And Beyond
Bitcoin Could Rally To $20,000 Into 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) may have lost over 10% in the past 24 hours, but one analyst is saying that this sets up the asset’s chart nicely. In a recent eye-opening tweet, popular analyst Filb… Read full article
BTC May Have Dropped Because of a Sell Wall Placed by a Manipulator, However T.A Shows it is Still Bullish
The recent BTC Bullrun increased the hype not only around this crypto but also around the rest of the altcoins.

However, although the technical indicators were optimistic, BTC experienced a sharp drop of more than $1,000 in a few hours.… Read full article
Bitcoin is Starting a Parabolic Bullrun That May Lead it To New ATHs, eToro’s Mati Greenspan Says
Bitcoin seems to be leaving behind the bearish streak of 2018, and an increasing number of analysts are sure that it bottomed at around 3200 USD.

Mati Greenspan

After making similar claims about the altcoin market, Mati Greenspan, chief analyst… Read full article
Bitcoin Collapse To $7,000 Resulted In Brutal “Technical Damage”, Warns Analyst
Bitcoin May Fall Further

Bitcoin (BTC) has just seen its craziest hour of price action since the weekend, during which the cryptocurrency market rallied by 20%, if not more. For those who missed the memo, or haven’t checked the charts… Read full article
TRON (TRX) Sets New All-Time High in Daily DApp Users
Despite slipping prices for the crypto markets, TRON has managed to set a new all-time high for daily DApp users.

On May 16, TRON based decentralized applications registered over 100,000 users, smashing the previous record in client volume. While the… Read full article
Ethereum (ETH) Chart Still Bullish, Despite Bitcoin Collapse To $7,000
ETH Chart Still Bullish

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum, and other digital assets have just seen its craziest hour of price action since the weekend, during which the cryptocurrency market rallied by 20%, if not more. For those who missed the memo,… Read full article
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