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Tag: Monero

Easier way to verify hashes for Monero downloads?
I wonder why Monero is providing SHA256 hashes, instead of pgp .asc files?

Thats the way Electrum is doing it - and I find it far more convenient to quickly check if a file can be trusted and was actually… Read full article
Can I prove I sent a payment with Monero?
Monero is private by default, but if I need to, can I break this privacy? For example, say I had an agreement with somebody that I would pay them .07 XMR for a cup of coffee. I pay and take… Read full article
What projects are working with Monero ?

Hello, can you help me to make list of project that use monero . Please feel free to comment project that use monero ! thanks Read full article
15h ago
Reddit Monero
Max monero network connection for fast update
Someone can explain detail of monero new block spreads through network?

Is existing research describes average and max time required for nodes in network all receive a new mined block? Can you show me? If not complete, is interesting task… Read full article
20h ago
Reddit Monero
Monero Gets Ready to Rise after Flexing Strong Support above $64
Recently, Monero (XMR) encountered a breakdown while it was consolidating above the $64 support. The bears pushed the coin to $60 low and bulls responded abruptly. Read full article
Monero Wallets?
Hi everyone!

New to sub and Monero itself. Can anyone recommend solid wallet options for a Linux user? Read full article
The King for Thieves: Criminals Tend to Choose Monero Over Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency has been attracting illegal dealers since its very inception. Due to its anonymity and security, Bitcoin was widely used as a payment method on the darknet shadow markets. However, lately criminals started paying more attention to Monero as this… Read full article
Bitcoin SV, Monero, BAT Price Analysis: 02 July
As Bitcoin’s price continued to struggle below the coveted $10k mark, the altcoin market was also one to endure significant losses and bearishness. Over the past week, popular altcoins like Bitcoin SV, Monero, and Basic Attention Token have seen their… Read full article
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