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Tag: Monero

Monero GUI for Linux ARM
Hi, i noticed that Monero GUI isn't available for Linux ARM.. is just because nobody compiled it for ARM architecture or are there aother issues?
https://archlinux.org/packages/?sort=&q=monero-gui&maintainer=&flagged= Read full article
THIS WEEK ON MONERO TALK: Ethan Lou on his Crypto Journey to North Korea
THIS WEEK ON MONERO TALK w/ [u/chowbungaman](https://www.reddit.com/u/chowbungaman/): Ethan Lou on his Crypto Journey to North Korea

Watch Here (YT): [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7flmDqBO\_iY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7flmDqBO_iY)

Watch Here (Odysee): [https://odysee.com/@MoneroTalk:8](https://odysee.com/@MoneroTalk:8)

Listen Here: [https://www.monerotalk.live/ethan-lou-on-his-crypto-journey-to-north-korea](https://www.monerotalk.live/ethan-lou-on-his-crypto-journey-to-north-korea)

Do you love coffee and Monero as much as we do? Consider Making… Read full article
14h ago
Reddit Monero
do i need to install v0. monero update
I was wondering if this is necessary and will cause any problems if I stick with my current version (not sure how to check which one I am using but when I did originally upgrade the version caused me to… Read full article
22h ago
Reddit Monero
FUNDING REQUIRED: /u/ErCiccione to work part-time on improvements to getmonero.org
Read more and donate here: [https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/erciccione-website7.html](https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/erciccione-website7.html)

/u/ErCiccione has done a huge amount of work coordinating translations, improving [getmonero.org](https://getmonero.org) & more recently on building the Haveno DEX. This proposal is for continued work on the website. Here are some examples of… Read full article
Monero ONLY Atm's?
Do you guys think theres room for an ATM that strictly trades monero for money? And vice versa. I'm considering a startup. Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Monero
MAAM – Monero Ask Anything Monday – October 18, 2021
Given the success of the previous MAAMs ([see here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/search?q=maam&sort=new&restrict_sr=on)), let's keep this rolling.

The principle is simple: ask anything you'd like to know about Monero, especially the dumb questions that you've been keeping for you every other days, may the… Read full article
Future of monero
I'm trying to think realistically, it's very unlikely monero would ever replace the utility of bitcoin as censorship resistant sound money at this point. But hopefully it will continue to grow and to be a niche tool to supplement bitcoin… Read full article
Really Papa tell me: "Why should I get some Monero.."; "Dear Jimmy, here is why.."

Listen, with privacy coins like #Monero, YoU:

a) Can't know *how much anyone holds*

b) *Can't sniff the blockchain* for traces of sender/receiver like with Bitcoin, Ethereum & 99.9% of cryptos. You can with Monero, only when you provide… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
New - Buy Monero with SEPA and Credit cards
Bonjour la communauté Reddit !

We started a new platform to buy Monero with different payment methods. Today there is no easy way to buy Monero. This is why we created [easymonero.com](https://easymonero.com)

Easymonero is trying to offer a new way,… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
10 Reasons why we should remove Binance from getmonero and add it to the avoid list.
1. >!It's a scam!<
2. >!It's a scam!<
3. >!It's a scam!<
4. >!It's a scam!<
5. >!It's a scam!<
6. >!It's a scam!<
7. >!It's a scam!<
8. >!It's a scam!<
9. >!It's a scam!<
10. >!It's a scam!< Read full article
monero wallet on ledger nano s
Hello guys,

I saw some tutorials on how to make a monero wallet on your ledger nano with the MONERO wallet GUI.

But is the seedphrase to recover monero on ledger the same as the seedphrase for the monero GUI?… Read full article
Any interesting books or documentation for how monero works
I'm trying to find books or other resources to find more about Monero development. Can you recommend any similar to mastering bitcoin and programming bitcoin but for monero Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
Is there a way to buy XMR and bridge into Monero using DeFi?
Hi all,

Title says it all guess. Is there such a thing? Read full article
We need to update the getmonero.org merchant list
Starting with where do we buy Monero flags with Monero ? I bought mine a while ago and I can’t seem to find the website anymore. If you know any businesses that accept Monero around you please pop their website… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
TX ID local Monero
Is there a way to access it at all I’m seriously stressing about this

Thanks Read full article
Possibly a stupid question but here goes: why don’t more ‘mainstream’ easily-accessible exchanges offer Monero? Coinbase, for example.
Possibly a stupid question but here goes: why don’t more ‘mainstream’ easily-accessible exchanges offer Monero? Coinbase, for example. Read full article
I have the option to get 1 monero
Hi,I'm just in highschool,so i don't have a whole lot of money.
I currently have the option to trade my harmony one and get one monero. I don't need quick gains, but I'm looking more into future, for ex year… Read full article
3d ago
Reddit Monero
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