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I’m new obviously. And have a question. Can I send Monero from an Exodus wallet straight to mymonero app? Do I copy that long MyMonero address that’s on the “Scan code to Pay” section of the App? Read full article
16h ago
Reddit Monero
Should Monero be famous?
Monero is fascinating. But one question that I always had was: Should Monero be famous?

If it is not, I mean, it would never change the world. However, if it is getting famous, it would be THE goal for governments… Read full article
20h ago
Reddit Monero
Is there way to inscribe img or txt to monero block¿
Reacting to whats happening with btc right now.. Read full article
/r/Monero Weekly Discussion – February 04, 2023 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Monero
## Index

1. General questions
2. Wallet: CLI & GUI
3. Wallet: Ledger
4. Nodes

# 1. General questions

## **Where can I download the Monero wallet?**

There are multiple Monero wallets for a wide range of devices at your… Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Monero
[UPDATES] Cake Wallet 4.5.7 and Monero.com 1.2.6: Send to Twitter handles (try sending XMR to @monerocom), optional opt-in error reporting, improve "Buy" permission request flow, more languages, and more!
### Changelog

- You can now grab BTC/LTC/XMR address from Twitter bios! Try sending XMR to `@monerocom`. Simply add an XMR, BTC, and/or LTC address to your Twitter bio. [Video in action](https://i.imgur.com/hU2Fi48.mp4).
- QR code fixes and enhancements
- Add… Read full article
Response to Monero Time on Twitter
Hello everyone. The more I learn about Monero the more I want be get involved. I'll be setting up a Monero miner this weekend to that affect. In the meantime I have created a cordial video response to Monero Time's… Read full article
Announcing MoneroMemes.com! Get tipped to make Monero memes!
It has been a while since the XMRmemes website went down, so here is a new site where you can post your original memes and get tipped in Monero.

[https://moneromemes.com](https://moneromemes.com) Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
XMR Report, News & MORE! Join us LIVE TMRW morning (2/4) @ 11AM-EST/5PM-CEST in the land of Monerotopia!
Join us LIVE TMRW morning (2/14) @ 11AM-EST/5PM-CEST with u/chowbungaman, u/sunchakr! Report w/ u/bawdyanarchist, XMR News, Monerotopia23 update (new speakers and projects!) & MUCH MORE!

JOIN US ON STAGE HERE ➡️: https://streamyard.com/9ubdkqzqmy

WATCH THE SHOW HERE via YOUTUBE ➡️: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt2Qqo\_SWHs… Read full article
Friday Monero Market Thread - February 03, 2023
This is the weekly Monero market thread. This thread will be posted every Friday and is meant to help accelerate the adoption of Monero. Due to r/moneromarket having only a fraction of the subscribers of r/Monero, we have decided to… Read full article
First Monero Purchase!
After having Monero since 2021 I finally made my first purchase! ( S/O to cakewallet for the smooth transactions).

I will be going on a trip to Cancun next week and was wondering if anyone knows of any local places… Read full article
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