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Source: Reddit BitcoinCash

lite cash?
Why Bitcoin cash and not litecoin?
I mean. They’re both the same right? Read full article
Bitpanda 10€ Bonus
Sign up using this link and you will get 10€ when you deposit and trade minimum 25€. https://www.bitpanda.com/?ref=930127840244305920 Read full article
Why do they invest so much in bitcoin cash?
answering a question asked by the community

[https://read.cash/@Bitcoincashtrue/why-do-they-invest-so-much-in-bitcoin-cash-80247dde](https://read.cash/@Bitcoincashtrue/why-do-they-invest-so-much-in-bitcoin-cash-80247dde) Read full article
I love this group. Ill eggplant everyoneof of you. I'm getting rich' bitch. I'm new and I'm a retard. Read full article
14h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
I'm all in on this dip. Perfect timing. Europe is waking up to a massive discount. Big gains ahead. ALSO. I'M A RETARD Read full article
15h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
Ways to get paid in bitcoin??
Does anyone know of a way to get paid in bitcoin or is that crazy talk? Read full article
SLP tokens trading - exchange / marketplace?
What exchanges / marketplaces support SLP tokens trading? Thanks for your comments. Read full article
Why do they invest so much in bitcoin cash?
[https://read.cash/@Bitcoincashtrue/why-do-they-invest-so-much-in-bitcoin-cash-5845bb49](https://read.cash/@Bitcoincashtrue/why-do-they-invest-so-much-in-bitcoin-cash-5845bb49) Read full article
4 reasons why use BCH
There are certainly many reasons, but for me these are the top 4 reasons to be part of Bitcoin cash.

[https://read.cash/@AlexSanchez/4-reasons-why-use-bch-be4ed4c5](https://read.cash/@AlexSanchez/4-reasons-why-use-bch-be4ed4c5) Read full article
22h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
Formula for calculating gains and losses
Hey guys, so I just recently invested into BCH, im new to trading crypto, and trading in general, is there a formula to calculate my potential gains & loses??

Thanks in advance guys!! Read full article
22h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
BCH price prediction?
They predict that BCH would cross $800 in 2022, and by 2025 it would break the $1000 barrier, finishing the year at a price of $1100. LongForecast has a fairly negative price prediction for Bitcoin Cash. Major bulls predicts that… Read full article
23h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
Why BTC?
I know why with 100% that BCH is the only crypto to invest atm.

I'm not sure why people want to buy BTC when it's not meant for people like my self that can't even afford to buy things made… Read full article
Bch transactions activity and active adresses
To the moon But price keeps crashing?? 750 to 470 usd what the fuck. 0.015 to 0.0099. If it followed btc dip it should be at $600 + Read full article
BCH is still small in the bull market
BCH/BTC = 0.01, so small in the bull market, I think at least 0.05-0.1 in the near future, do not miss a change.


*Processing img fppzjlz61zj61...* Read full article
4 reasons why use BCH
[https://read.cash/@AlexSanchez/4-reasons-why-use-bch-1c718132](https://read.cash/@AlexSanchez/4-reasons-why-use-bch-1c718132) Read full article
Bitcoin Cash / Crypto Business Adoption
Hello All,

I was wondering how do you guys go about trying to get more businesses onboard to accept bitcoin/bitcoin cash/crypto at all?. I like BCH for payments but not that many people are using it in my city (northern… Read full article
Everyone with a Youtube or Twitter should have cointree
U guys aware of cointree? Naomi created the website last year and I think it will lead to mass adoption btc , bch, xmr

create a cointree here [https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell](https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell) Read full article
Why is BCH better investment option then Cardano(ADA) currently?
Good afternoon ladies and gents. I recently decided to invest in cryptocurrency. I wad thinking between ADA and BCH, and decided to buy BCH with all my funds. Well, it was not a lot and I got some BCH, but… Read full article
PayPal will be great for BCH
I’m sick of reading everywhere “don’t buy BCH on PayPal”
I love PayPal. I use it almost everyday to by my shit. 2 clicks I’m done. They already have my address, they insure my purchase. I trust and feel secure.… Read full article
XRP Analysis
Hi everyone! We bring you a video today about XRP.

Have you been wondering if XRP is still a good investment?

I'll give you my thoughts about it in this video and I'll show you my portfolio and what I… Read full article
Xmr.is - Swap Monero for Bitcoin Cash - No KYC
Hi all,

We all know, BCH is better than BTC (just see the tx fees) ..

That is why, we just added BCH to [xmr.is](https://xmr.is) service ! You have the possibility to:

* convert BCH to XMR -> [https://xmr.is/convert/bch\_to\_xmr](https://xmr.is/convert/bch_to_xmr)
*… Read full article
The changing climate of the Cryptoverse
Over the course of my short time in the cryptoverse, after my speedy migration to cryptocurrencies, I was astonished to find the ever changing climate within. To begin their are so many coins and so many different currencies, that at… Read full article
There hasn't be much news around BCH, anyone has some insights about what's going on?
Not good in the marketing perspective, there are a lot of updates from other projects, but for the traditional crypto like BCH not much... I am dying to hear some progresssssssss Read full article
All in on Bitcoin Cash!
I've been debating whether to go all on on BCH for some time and finally did. Just wish I had waited and didn't do it at $650 :( I wen't in with a substantial sum and I really hate seeing… Read full article
Where is the easiest/cheapest/best place to buy BCH?

I tried buying my most recent BCH on CEX.IO, and after battling with customer service to get verified, I noticed that the platform doesn't allow BCH withdrawls!!

They let you buy BCH but then make you change it to… Read full article
Bitcoin Cash is on the brink of falling below 1% of Bitcoin’s price?!
BCH price has decreased by over 96% in value against BTC over the past three years.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) holders have no reason to celebrate, despite the 46% year-to-date gains in U.S. dollar terms. One year ago, the altcoin was… Read full article
Need help! Transfer question.
I am incredibly new to this so please forgive me.

I sent BCH from my crypto.com app to my Bitcoin wallet and not my BCH address on Coinbase.
Can I still recover since I'm in possession of both wallet addresses… Read full article
Bitcoin cash community, grateful with read.cash and noise.cash team

Simon is the creator of [Read.cash](https://ssl.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?ref=TVert&from=&to=en&a=Read.cash) and [noise.cash](https://ssl.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?ref=TVert&from=&to=en&a=noise.cash) two crypto projects based on BCH, which have brought to the community great results, new users and greater adoption. Read full article
BCH dropping below 500 again?
I've been waiting since I missed the Tuesday drop to load up on some BCH after it dipped below 500, I have some limit orders at 500 and it's been so damn close a couple of times but keeps bouncing… Read full article
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