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Source: Reddit BitcoinCash

Why Bitcoin Cash failed.
1. **The value proposition was an all or nothing bet**: Bitcoin Cash marketed itself as being "the true Bitcoin". So when it failed to replace BTC, it had nothing to lean back on to justify its reason to exist. It's… Read full article
It's over
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K08PqnKQDX4](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K08PqnKQDX4) Read full article
Architectural Designer now accepts Bitcoin Cash
Western Australian Architectural Designer, Rob White Consulting, now accepts Bitcoin Cash. Rob White has over 30 years construction experience with over 300 residential and 100 commercial projects. Contact Rob for:

* Residential or commercial architectural design and construction documentation
*… Read full article
ForeverSHIBA on bsc 2 days old.. anyone on it ?
I've been trading this chart since it launched, and holy moly has it been profitable. Look at this. Now it's took off and I'm waiting for a dip, but I think this has huge potential with the upcoming news. I'd… Read full article
15h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
BCH is a failure dixit Mister "Je ne regarde pas plus loin que le bout de mon nez"
It hurts me...💔 not cause he says BCH is a failure but cause he said BCH ia a shit coin.

BCH is great.
Ok 18 on the coinmarket cap list
Ans ridiculous capitalisation compard to BTC but BCH ia… Read full article
18h ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
BCH NG HUB is 80% Completed ...

Sneak peek in Pictures...

More updates coming soon ... Stay tuned...

HUB Lunch Coming on the 25-10- 2021

Education - Adoption - Development - that's the Goal...

BCH NG will resume its Normal… Read full article
1d ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
Bitcoin Cash could get added on a GLOBAL shopping app
This is big we need someone with a large following to post this on twitter so bitcoin cash wins the poll.

Here is the poll, its ending sometime tomorrow [https://twitter.com/BitplazaMobile/status/1449356220868009994](https://twitter.com/BitplazaMobile/status/1449356220868009994)


https://preview.redd.it/nba94s16l3u71.png?width=440&format=png&auto=webp&s=43d131540ac19b88f403d3ede0bc940aafc9c613 Read full article
Buy expensive product with purse.io
Hi. I live in Belgium
I want to know if buy expensive product is secure with Purse.io
Exemple a luxury pen 3600 $ or lighter 1800 $
15 % promo is great...
I dream if this pen since years and… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit BitcoinCash
SoW + MoE = inevitable Unit-of-Account.
1 Store-of-Wealth (checkmate).
2.1 First Layer Medium-of-Exchange (complete).
2.2 Second Layer Medium-of-Exchange (LN & others emerging)
3 SoW + MoE =
inevitable Unit-of-Account. Read full article
A new mining pool on BCH?
A new unknown pool appeared reacently, with coinbase signature of "DPBCH". Anyone familiar what that is? https://cash.coin.dance/blocks Read full article
This will bring stability for Bitcoin Cash going forward
Bitcoin Cash has generated a good amount of pressure over the past three weeks. Currently trading at a 37% premium compared to its late-September lows, BCH was on the hunt for higher price levels.

However, its path to April and… Read full article
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