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Source: Reddit IOTA

Are 'whales' the wisest amongst us and do they deserve most of the airdrops?
A discussion document on the IOTA Web of Trust Initiative. Please do contribute your views. This is all part of future democracy within the IOTA ecosystem.[https://medium.com/@sumsonline/the-iota-web-of-trust-a-community-involvement-initiative-608bb0f121ac](https://medium.com/@sumsonline/the-iota-web-of-trust-a-community-involvement-initiative-608bb0f121ac) Read full article
2d ago
Reddit IOTA
SOON Claim issue
I know this is not directly a IOTA question but close enough. Been having issues for days trying to claim the SOON tokens on soonaverse. Reached out to the community on twitter and soonlabs but didn't get any response. Anyone… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit IOTA
Trusted computing and IOTA?
Is IOTA compatible with any kind of TC (trusted computing)? (For those who don't know, TC guarantees that the platform that executes an app is verifiably not tampered with, so the app can "know" that no key logger or virus… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit IOTA
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