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Source: Reddit Monero

Monero Transaction Count Increasing?
Since September 2019 it looks like the average number of daily transactions has been increasing. What's the best site to look for that type of information? I remember in May 2019 there was a Monero gambling site that accounted for… Read full article
Idea for using BitTorrent to sync the blockchain to drastically improve sync speed
Syncing a Monero blockchain is super slow and it is 100% a networking issue because downloading the raw blockchain from getmonero.org and then copy / import on a Raspberry pi takes hours while syncing from scratch from the network takes… Read full article
Monero based crashing game! Any dev for helping?

Most of people should hear about bustabit and ethercrash. They are around since years, and the game itself is addictive.

I have v1 version of the software. Full setup. But I need a trusted dev for making a website.… Read full article
Best way to convert BTC to XMR
This is my first time changing BTC to XMR. I’m a little unsure of using morphscript. I have been told to try Elude or morphtoken but I keep reading negatives about them, and I am unsure what to believe.

What… Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Monero
Monero Wallet's
I suggest that the Monero Cake Wallet get an update with the Monero logo in app, otherwise you can't even tell for what currency it is, also to make it look like Monero/ to at least have a touch of… Read full article
How do website miners incorporate fees?
I'm looking to create my own website monero miner over the isolation period which im going to try to sell to local newspaper websites, ive managed to put together most of the pieces myself but i still cant work out… Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Monero
An Island Nation with Monero as the currency
Hello all,

If you are interested in joining a (hopefully) newly formed island nation then this is the place to be.

the subbreddit is reddit.com/r/theredditnation

I have prepared a plan that explains how we will go about doing such a… Read full article
MAAM – Monero Ask Anything Monday – April 06, 2020
Given the success of the previous MAAMs ([see here](https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/search?q=maam&sort=new&restrict_sr=on)), let's keep this rolling.

The principle is simple: ask anything you'd like to know about Monero, especially the dumb questions that you've been keeping for you every other days, may the… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
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