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Source: Reddit NEO

So... the latest version of NEON Wallet...
Is really nice! Great work CoZ... it's been a while since I've interacted with NEON and, dang, it's looking really good nowadays. Thank you for your hard work. Read full article
3h ago
Reddit NEO
GAS tipping bot?
There were recently posts about gas and people sent others some small gas amounts...

This made me think... why not make some GAS tipping bot here? There is [tippr](https://github.com/BitcoinCash-Tippr/Tippr), or [chaintip](https://www.chaintip.org/), yet other subs have moons or donuts...

What would… Read full article
4h ago
Reddit NEO
Only two items remain on Neo3Preview5 checklist
https://github.com/neo-project/neo/issues/2171 Read full article
9h ago
Reddit NEO
Can anyone on the team stop with the uncertainty about gas?
No one knows how much gas it will take to make use of oracle and neofs. Nor is anyone certain about the 50M of gas that is being talked about. It appears to be a state secret. It also seems… Read full article
15h ago
Reddit NEO
What prevents GAS from experiencing what’s happening to Ethereum?
Hi all. I have a question. If NEO actually becomes something that can compete with Ethereum as a smart contract platform, what prevents a coordinated attack on inflating GAS prices?

This is something which has come up multiple times in… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit NEO
How to deposit gas into Binance wallet?
I haven't kept up with anything in a while. I have neogas and I want to sell it on Binance. I don't have Cgas? I can't send to a Nep5 address? Please help. Read full article
Opening Neon wallet after a while (Problem with Neon2.6.2 disk image)
Trying to open my neon wallet from some time ago and having some trouble. The old version I was using didn’t seem like it was opening my wallet, or at least wasn’t connecting to the network or something. I downloaded… Read full article
3d ago
Reddit NEO
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