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Free from Tron: Steemit’s Blockchain Fork Hive Outperforms Steem Token Value
For weeks now, the cryptocurrency community has been fervently discussing the recent acquisition of the Steemit blockchain. Skeptics believe that the Tron takeover has shown significant vulnerabilities with delegated-proof-of-stake (DPoS) projects. Following the takeover, the community still managed to fork… Read full article
Hedera Hashgraph, Steem, and Litecoin price: Steem's 253% surge leaves other coins in the rear view mirror
The cryptocurrency ecosystem is like the financial markets in a lot of ways. The main contrast between the two is the regulation, without which, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has a large number of bad actors. Intentional or not, the Steem community… Read full article
Feeling Like Starting From Square One… I Woke With A Desire To Write About The STEEMing HIVE…
Just Writing From The Heart As Always My Opinion And Concerns, Thoughts And Hopes, Worries And Desires, Writings and Ramblings, Are My Own…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
2d ago
Binance's CZ admits 'mistake' in supporting Justin Sun's Steem acquisition
“Unfortunately, we did make a mistake that we didn’t recognize what we’re doing was actually impacting the voting. They still have contentions between Justin and the Steem community, [but] that’s their problem we’re not involved.” – CZ.

The dispute over… Read full article
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