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Source: Nulltx.com

Antarctica’s Glaciers Still Disburse Nuclear Radioactive Material After 60 Years
Our planet’s geology can tell tales of what happened in the past. Rock formations confirm our planet looked very different thousands of years ago. The glaciers in Antarctica also tell their own tale. A new study confirms they still release… Read full article
4h ago
Fake Russian Tor Browser Wants Your Bitcoin and QIWI Funds
Seeking online privacy is both easy and difficult in this day and age. It is almost impossible to do so without utilizing a third-party solution. For some, that solution is a VPN, whereas others use the Tor Browser. It now… Read full article
USDC Beats Tether in Gaining Mainstream Adoption
The growing popularity of stablecoins is slowly causing a major shift to occur. The first of these assets has now found a use outside of the cryptocurrency industry as well. The USDC stablecoin will now be accepted for tax payments… Read full article
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