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Non-custodial fundraising protocol, AngelBlock, to host first raise with SOLA-X
James Regan, Head of Trading at DIGTL, discusses issuing digital assets like commodities, securities, and stablecoins on top of Bitcoin with Liquid and the A... Read full article
Atomic Wallet Hack: Decentralized Finance Wallet Breached, Millions Lost in Attack
On June 3, 2023, numerous sources revealed details about an attack on Atomic Wallet that resulted in significant financial losses for many victims. The Atomic Wallet team announced they are looking into the issue, while onchain investigators like Zachxbt have… Read full article
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Crypto Glossary
Trade Volume
The amount of crypto coins traded withing a period of usually 24 hours. We…
Volume simply means amount and it can be used in several contexts ... tradi…
DDoS Attack
Distributed Denial of Service is a form of cyber-attack that aims to make a…
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