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Source: Reddit Litecoin

Litecoin Staking
I'm curious what successes you've had with DeFi staking/pools/etc and Litecoin?

I see lots of options via Ledger.. anyone using them?

I'm aware of Blockfi and Celsius. But I'm more curious about the truly decentralized options you may have seen… Read full article
Recovering lost wallet (LTC and ETH) possibly from 2013. Anyone remember the popular places to mine back then?
Below are the details of what I remember.

\- Around April of 2013, I was mining LTC (and ETH or BTC) from my PC using a GPU and some MSDOS application I had to launch.

\- There was a website… Read full article
Good news!
Bought my first litecoin so the price should dip significantly Read full article
Daily Discussion Thread - Share your observations. December 1st, 2021
# Share your recent thoughts about experiences with Litecoin,

1. Noticed interesting developments with projects that use litecoin recently?
2. Have a technical issue?
3. Any exchanges we need to stay clear of?
4. Finally do you have any suggestions… Read full article
10h ago
Reddit Litecoin
Help getting LTC off paper wallet with public and private keys.
I couldn't find any phone apps to unload so I downloaded Electrum-LTC and connected to the servers automatically. I can bring up the wallet (read-only) with the public key and it shows all the transactions there. When I press… Read full article
Open wallet failed - wallet file verification failed: wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed.
Hello. Today I installed Litecoin Core, started to dowload blockchain data (to become a node) and while it was doing it's stuff - I made an incoming adress to get some litecoins from a pool. After I pressed "encrypt wallet"… Read full article
Litecoin still exists after 10 years, so is it ever going to die? It might be but...
I already said this in a comment earlier but I just wanted it to point out one more time:

In Litecoin's 10+ years life time it already survived the few previously huge Cryptocolapses.

This made me simply realize that this… Read full article
Accidentally sent LTC to a BTC address. Any way to fix it?
I accidentally sent my life savings, held in LTC on Coinbase to a BTC address on Kucoin.

I know it was a stupid mistake, please only helpful or positive comments.

I already reached out to Coinbase and Kucoin support.

I’m… Read full article
Litecoin wallet download marked as dangerous by Brave?
I have some old wallet.dat files I was going to inspect to see if there was anything there. I tried a few different links to the core wallet (from github latest release, from the first google result) and they all… Read full article
Is this litecoin asic mining company a scam?
Hi dear Reddit community,

Any idea if this company is a scam:

COMPANY NAME: Marine King, Sichuan Lan Hai Xin Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. 

ADDRESS:Room 3102, 31st Floor, Block A, Chengdu International Technology and Energy Conservation Building, No.89 Cuihua Road,… Read full article
Why is Litecoin Going to Survive the Cryptocalypse?
I am at a point now where I only believe in Bitcoin. I want to believe in Litecoin, but I am asking for help understanding why I should hold it.

Litecoin benefits from being a Bitcoin fork. I see that… Read full article
To the moon
Yeeh baby, this weekend was amazing hahaha Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Litecoin
Cake defi referral
Hello guys, just want to share my Cake Defi referral with the community because i think everybody should get the bonus!

Referral Code: 862378 Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Litecoin
Australian in need of some help.
What is the cheapest way to obtain Litecoin and then withdraw it to another account with the smallest possible fee's. It seems like everyone has a different way of doing it. Read full article
Litecoin Transaction Speed
Will Litecoin’s transaction speed be upgraded? Or will it always take 5 minutes per transaction Read full article
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