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Sentinel SENT


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I’ve spent a couple months studying bitcoin extensively, and have finally finished a presentable project related to cryptocurrency
The technology of bitcoin has always been the biggest reason I’ve invested in it, but when I started to buy bitcoin seriously I didn’t truly understand how it worked. Now that I feel confident in my knowledge of bitcoin, blockchain,… Read full article
Facebook Libra is the new 9/11: US representative makes comparison
Facebook Libra is the new 9/11 for the United States of America (U.S), or so it appears after the Brad Sherman statement. On, Wednesday, Libra was expressed to be more dangerous than the 9th September 2011 incident caused a worldwide… Read full article
"We present DataSpii (pronounced data-spy), the catastrophic data leak that occurs when any one of eight browser extensions collects browsing activity data."

Thanks to [https://twitter.com/WolfieChristl/status/1152162499552317441](https://twitter.com/WolfieChristl/status/1152162499552317441)




See some good diagrams explaining the issue and extensions to delete here:


Wapo has a good video explainer here:


A thorough and technical article on DataSpii:

[https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/07/dataspii-inside-the-debacle-that-dished-private-data-from-apple-tesla-blue-origin-and-4m-people/](https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/07/dataspii-inside… Read full article
We present Orionix, a comission-free games and items exchange platform along with ORX token that…
What is Orionix and How Does it Work:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Nayie_aimwContinue reading on Medium » Read full article
Ripple Scores More Market Points As Sentbe Partners With MoneyGram
Something really good just happened to Ripple, and it’s bound to propel the global company to the next level in its journey to foster mass adoption of its various global payments solutions.

On July 19th, 2019, a company closely associated… Read full article
Binance 2.0: Apresentando Margin Trading
A Binance, uma das principais bolsas de criptomoedas, começou recentemente a lançar a atualização 2.0 para o seu site, que deve trazer…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
MoneyGram partners with South Korea’s Sentbe; Is Ripple part of the deal?
One of the world’s largest money transfer companies, MoneyGram, has announced a partnership with Sentbe, another money transfer company based in South Korea, making the latter the first MoneyGram virtual agent in the country.

This collaboration between the two companies… Read full article
Samsung Pay Money Transfer Operator Sentbe Partners with Ripple & MoneyGram
Ripple and its latest partner MoneyGram both added a new partner to their list, Sentbe. The global money transfer and payment company signed a contract with the South Korean fintech company Sentbe on July 19. This partnership makes Sentbe, the… Read full article
BITCOIN CAN'T BE STOPPED - BitMEX Rekt by CFTC? China Bitcoin - Ripple XRP SENTBE Samsung Pay
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