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Tag: Gaming

Bluzelle Upgrades to Stargate, Revolutionizing Decentralized Storage in Gaming
In the world of gaming, data storage is vital. Players rely on a secure and reliable system, from game saves to in-game assets, to store their progress and valuables. However, the traditional centralized storage systems used by the gaming industry… Read full article
Why We Chose Blockchain Gaming: An Industry of Opportunity
Blockchain gaming has become one of the hottest topics across the cryptocurrency space.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
100+ Strong: the Kapital DAO’s Partner Network Leads the Charge in Web3 Gaming
The Kapital DAO has reached a major milestone: we now have over 100 partners in our growing network!Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
NFTSTAR Wins Big at Blockchain Gaming Awards 2022: MetaGoal Takes Home Two Awards
NFTSTAR, a leading player in the blockchain gaming industry, was honored with two awards at the Blockchain Gaming Awards Ceremony 2022…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
AscendEX lists Wasder: A leading gaming social community
AscendEX is excited to announce the listing of Wasder under the trading pair: $WAS/USDT. Trading begins at 2:00 PM UTC on February 2nd. Wasder helps bring old and new friends together around their passion for gaming.

Social Media Meets GamingWasder… Read full article
How can The Traditional Gaming Sector Benefit from GameFi?
This article approaches the benefits that GameFi can provide to the traditional gaming sectorContinue reading on Medium » Read full article
10h ago
5000 Games Made on No-Code Gaming Platform Breshna, Followed By Beta Launch
Blockchain gaming company GRID launches the beta version of its no-code gaming platform Breshna.io,Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Gaming is Much Smarter with DFTL
DFTL, short for Decentralized Finance Tank Land, is a state-of-the-art blockchain-based gaming ecosystem that leverage the power of…Continue reading on defitankland » Read full article
22h ago
How Digital Assets Can Benefit The Video Gaming Industry
When it comes to the gaming industry, digital assets have the potential to unlock and provide value in a wide array of unique ways.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Footprint XR: Social Connection Meets Gaming on iOS, Enhanced with Blockchain and AI
Footprint XR is taking virtual reality to the next level by integrating gaming into the platform.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Web 3 Gaming Thrives on Hive
HiveToday #55 — January 29th, 2023Continue reading on Hive Today » Read full article
2d ago
Puke 2 Earn: The Next Generation Blockchain for Gaming and NFTs
In recent years, the gaming and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) industries have seen tremendous growth, but they also face several challenges…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
It seems like 2023 will be a bumper year for blockchain gaming
The DappRadar review highlights some interesting trends from last year that will likely define 2023. That includes an increase in on-chain transactions and the number of unique active wallets.

According to DappRadar, gaming accounts for almost half of the on-chain… Read full article
Uniswap Developers Wins Web3 Dev Gaming Competition 0xMonaco: Battle of Titans
Uniswap Developers Wins Web3 Dev Gaming Competition 0xMonaco: Battle of Titans
The Uniswap developers team emerged as the winner in the web3 developers gaming competition, 0xMonaco: Battle of Titans. Notably, the team won the gaming competitions among teams from… Read full article
GameFi: Making Gaming Secure, Transparent, and Fast
The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries in the world, with millions of players spending billions…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
From Pong to Axie Infinity: The evolution of gaming
By Francisco Widjojo and Fonny KambeyContinue reading on Medium » Read full article
3d ago
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