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Tag: ICO

SEC Charges ICO Operator Who Used Alias After Past Conviction
The SEC has charged Blockchain Terminal founder Boaz Manor with securities fraud for a $30 million ICO conducted in 2017 and 2018. Read full article
11h ago
Malaysia bans ICOs; gets strict with IEOs
Malaysia bans ICOs in the latest ruling released by the Malaysian Securities Commission. The commission has recommended banning ‘Initial coin Offerings’ and regulates the ‘Initial Exchange Offerings’ through a series of checks. Malaysian authorities are undertaking sweeping changes to the… Read full article
Searching for the best crypto exchange platform for free ICO listing?
If you are looking for an exchange platform for ICO listing, your search ends here. HOTBTC is one of the leading Cryptocurrency Trading…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Two Prime’s FF1 Token: New Asset Class with ‘Continuous’ ICO Model
Two Prime’s FF1 Token: New Asset Class with ‘Continuous’ ICO Model
Two Prime's FF1 Token combines the features of a close-ended fund, asset-backed token, and a secure store of value. The token sale will take place not in the… Read full article
17h ago
Malaysia Provides Regulatory Framework for IEOs, Bans ICOs
Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) recently published a regulatory framework for Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). The new guideline declared Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) illegal, making IEOs the only recognized means of conducting digital token sales.  Malaysia’s Securities Commission Regulate IEOs Per… Read full article
How can regulation help invest in ICOs ?
After the many scandals around ICO, how can we take advantage of this great investment opportunity, without taking a huge risk ? Some…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Fintech Startup Aims to Create New Asset Class With ‘Continuous’ ICO Model
A newly launched fintech firm hopes to leverage the token sale model to back investments in real-world assets. But it's taking a different approach than many previous projects. Read full article
2d ago
Blockchain e settore energetico: un’introduzione
Sono quasi duecento le aziende e le startup che ne stanno testando l’utilizzo nell’ambito delle energie rinnovabili o delle smart grid.Continue reading on the grove » Read full article
Malaysia has banned ICOs while issuing regulations for IEOs
Malaysia’s Securities Commission (SC) has published guidelines for crypto IEOs while revealing that Malaysia has banned ICOs.  Malaysia has banned ICOs and favors IEOs instead Malaysia has tightened its regulations around token sales to reduce the risks faced by investors.… Read full article
ICOs Consob 2020 e MLR UK
· Aggiornamenti definitori su crypto-attività ConsobContinue reading on Medium » Read full article
2d ago
Malaysia's Securities Commission issues regulations for IEOs; bans ICOs
Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) recently published a set of detailed guidelines to regulate and legalize initial exchange offerings (IEOs) in the country, according to a report. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) by individual token issuers would no longer be permitted in… Read full article
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