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Power of DeFi for noobs case study #1
Case study #1

If I’m sitting on a $100k gain, why the hell would I sell? I’d be liable for short-term capital gains taxes. That’s ~30%. That’s 30% of my profits, or $30k. And that’s not all. If that Ethereum… Read full article
1d ago
Reddit Ethereum
Noob question: How much would be the transaction fee if ethereum moves to Proof of stake?
My understanding is its significantly less than today, but how low in theory? Read full article
where to buy dogecoin? - plz help a noob.

hi guys so i just started investing and dodge coin is pretty hot right now but im not sure where to buy it from. Should i buy it from robinhood, coinbase, or binance? or others?

i tried creating post on… Read full article
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