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Tag: Russia

Russian Courts Can’t Agree on Whether Crypto Is Property
Russian courts are making conflicting rulings on whether bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies count as property. In one new case, Saint Petersburg’s district court has refused to force bogus law enforcement officers to return cryptocurrencies extorted from a victim on the… Read full article
Russia to Reportedly Investigate an Allegedly Fraudulent TON Offering in UK
Shortly after lifting the country’s Telegram ban, Russian authorities began investigating potentially fraudulent offerings involving the company’s unlaunched token, Gram. The token was at one time meant to serve a new blockchain ecosystem known as the Telegram Open Network, or… Read full article
Russia to Reportedly Investigate an Allegedly Fraudulent TON Offering in UK
Russian prosecutors are reportedly investigating a British firm that allegedly sold fraudulent Gram tokens. Read full article
Russian Courts Can’t Agree on Whether Crypto is Property
A Russian court convicted two men for extortion, but did not force them to return over $900,000 in crypto since they have no legal definition as property. Other courts have taken a different view. Read full article
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Russian Court: Bitcoin Theft Not a Crime
A Russian district court has dismissed bitcoin theft as a crime since cryptocurrency is not regulated in Russia and there is no legal status for bitcoin. The accused were found guilty, sentenced to prison, and ordered to return only the… Read full article
Vulnerability in Russian Blockchain Voting System Enables Forcing People to Vote
The Blockchain-based voting system announced in Russia has a vulnerability allowing for decrypting votes before the official end of voting. This feature questions the anonymity of voting, thus making it possible to manipulate people’s votes by forcing them. Read full article
Russia scales up electronic voting for key referendum, but misses security issues
A poster urging citizens to vote in Russia’s upcoming constitutional referendum, stressing amendments on social policy. Moscow, June 2020. Photo (c): Alexey Kovalev. Used with permission.The delayed Russian referendum on constitutional reform goes ahead this week as the country emerges… Read full article
Russian Court Dismisses 100 BTC Theft, Says Cryptocurrencies Have “No Legal Status”
A Russian media outlet has reported a case of cryptocurrency theft which was waved off by a court in Russia. The Petrograd District Court of St. Petersburg made its ruling on the 30th of May as it brought the case… Read full article
Russian Court: Theft Of 100 BTC Isn’t A Crime Because Bitcoin Isn’t Property
On June 30, a Russian criminal court denied a motion to provide restitution to a victim of what would in many jurisdictions be a felony, arguing that Bitcoin (BTC), as a virtual currency, does not enjoy the same property protection… Read full article
TokenPocket | A Brief History of Ethereum — A Russian Youth’s Way to Legend
After the creation of bitcion, Vitalik Buterin took over the torch, leading us into the era of Blockchain 2.0.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Russia's Blockchain Voting System Let Users Decrypt Results Before Count
According to local reports, the blockchain-based system allowed constituents to decipher their own private votes or let third-parties do so. Read full article
Russia: Bitcoin Activity Rising Despite Strict Law Proposals
A branch of the Russian federal government has recently published a draft of new litigation called “On Digital Financial Assets,” which is focused on enforcing strict cryptocurrency laws in the country. The legislation has not been approved yet and has… Read full article
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