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Tag: Russia

China in Taiwan and Russia in Ukraine Sabre Rattle, is it Propping Up Bitcoin?
The Russian army on one side and the Chinese navy at the very other side of the Asian continent are increasing tensions in a buildup where any accidental miscalculation can lead to a very dangerous situation.

Just a century after… Read full article
Putin offers blank check to Imran Khan Pakistan Alarm bells for India Russia Friendship: Putin sends friend message to Imran Khan, billions of dollars invested, alarm bells for India
Strong points:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov visited Pakistan for the first time in the past, during this visit Lavrov conveyed a message to the Pakistani president on behalf of the Russian president.Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has arrived in… Read full article
14h ago
USA, UK, Netherlands, exercise: British RAF, USAF and Netherlands participate in Russian Air Force Sleeve Point Blank Patch Exercise: Military Exercises at the End wearing US, British and Dutch air force amidst the stress of Russia
Strong points:
Wearing the badge of the Russian Air Force during the Point Blank maneuver, the American pilot played the role of an enemy fighter aircraft in the exercise. This pilot was viral on social media, people are doing a… Read full article
Russian Army: Video of the Uran-9 Strike robotic vehicle attack in Russia has gone viral amid the tension at the Ukrainian border: Video of the Russian army’s Uran-9 robotic tank amidst the tension in Ukraine Ukrainian border goes viral
Strong points:
Russia deploys its Uran-9 unmanned tank amid tensions with Ukraine. He can attack the enemy from afar via the Ukraine. The Russian army is equipped with a 30mm cannon and anti-tank missiles.Robotic tank units have been activated in… Read full article
1d ago
Digital Ruble could launch in 2023: Russian officials
Russian central bank officials revealed that the apex bank could launch the digital Ruble by 2023 as more countries work on developing their central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) Senior leaders from Russia’s central bank revealed that they could launch the… Read full article
Russian Air Force: Specifications and Photos of Russian Air Force PAK DA Strategic Bomber: Russian Air Force New Strategic Bomber Approved
Strong points:
Amid tensions with the United States, a new strategic bomber is under construction.Russia has given final approval to the design of its PAK DA strategic bomber amid continuing tensions along the Ukrainian border. Work is underway to build… Read full article
3d ago
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