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Tag: China

They are still the 2nd entity on this market and we don’t know for sure if they delocalised mining rig with the project to own those factories. I think we the community should start thinking about BITCOIN as a government,… Read full article
BTC price is up 50% since China 'selflessly' banned Bitcoin mining
No amount of "FUD" can keep Bitcoin down, and China has once again given bulls a boost with its bans. Read full article
China's handling of Bitcoin could easily be the biggest geopolitical blunder of this decade with lasting impacts well into the future
It's only 2021 and you've already got COVID being mishandled, Afghanistan (two decades in the making, to be fair) and China says "Hold my beer." Amazing.

This isn't even the first time China has fumbled around with its currency. They… Read full article
China Central Bank Vows to Crack Down on Crypto Trading
It was a bad day for bitcoin on Friday. The People’s Bank of China renewed its hardline attitude towards digital currencies and vowed to…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
China PROÍBE transações com CRIPTOMOEDAS: Entenda o que aconteceu.
Na última sexta-feira de Setembro (24/09/21), o Banco Popular da China, banco central do país, anunciou que todas as operações com…Continue reading on TED/UNEB » Read full article
22h ago
Russia Doesn’t Plan to Follow in China’s Footsteps by Banning Crypto Outright.
As China has started enforcing a ban on cryptocurrency payments as part of a law that took effect in January, the country has no plans to…Continue reading on The Open Finance Journal » Read full article
China’s Crackdown On Bitcoin A Huge Win For US Mining Industry
China’s crackdown on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has seen mining operations look to move to other, more friendlier countries. One such benefactor of the ban is the US, which has seen an influx of miners who are drawn to cheap… Read full article
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