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Tag: China

China in Taiwan and Russia in Ukraine Sabre Rattle, is it Propping Up Bitcoin?
The Russian army on one side and the Chinese navy at the very other side of the Asian continent are increasing tensions in a buildup where any accidental miscalculation can lead to a very dangerous situation.

Just a century after… Read full article
Tension between China and the Philippines: mass of US Navy and Chinese Navy carrier groups in the South China Sea: US Navy and Chinese Navy warships face to face in the South China Sea
ManilaThe Philippines and the United States will lead joint maneuvers amid the escalating waters of the South China Sea. Just a few days ago, two attack groups of US Navy aircraft carriers conducted maneuvers in the presence of the Chinese… Read full article
Blockchain provides major boost to speed of China-Europe rail trade
Rail cargos from China to Europe can now be delivered in days instead of months, after a new blockchain system was installed at a major Chinese rail port. Read full article
For the time being, it is not in China’s interest to try to impose its yuan as a global reserve…
Japan made this mistake in the mid-1980s, and the current economic problems are still the consequence of this fundamental strategic…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
13h ago
China Vaccine efficacy rate Brazil: China Vacine: Corona virus increases in Brazil, Chinese vaccine “ vaccinated ” – Brazil sees Covid 19 deaths Chinese vaccine Sinovac judged less effective against the P1 variant
BrasiliaOn Thursday, 1,803 people died from the corona virus in Brazil struggling with the ravages of the Corona virus. Meanwhile, Brazil had bought a large-scale vaccine from China to fight the Corona virus, but in recent research it turns out… Read full article
15h ago
Blockchain Technology Tapped to Power China-Europe Rail Trade
Blockchain technology continues to find novel use-cases. Blockchain Technology Powers China-Europe Trade According to a report by Big News Network published on April 11, distributed ledger technology (DLT) is being leveraged to boost trade via the China-Europe train routes. The… Read full article
What budget would you need for a Large Scale Monero Mining Rig like what they have in China for Bitcoin? Would you want to have it geographically located in a cold mountainous area?
What budget would you need for a Large Scale Monero Mining Rig like what they have in China for Bitcoin? Would you want to have it geographically located in a cold mountainous area? Read full article
China expands testing of digital yuan this month
China has been leading in terms of the development of its Digital Currency Electronic Payment [DCEP] or commonly known as, Digital Yuan and the country has already been carrying out different levels of testing. According to recent reports, it is… Read full article
1d ago
US Navy: US Navy conducts live fire exercises in South China Sea Tension with Chinese Navy: United States conducts naval maneuvers amid South China Sea dispute
WashingtonThe US Navy has conducted maneuvers in the South China Sea amid growing tensions with China. The US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt participated with its entire career strike group. In addition, the ships included in the Makin Island Amphibious… Read full article
2d ago
How the digital yuan stablecoin impacts crypto in China: Experts answer
This is part one of a multipart series on blockchain and crypto in China.

China has been discussing the possibilities of national digital currency for half a decade, and the Chinese digital yuan project — referred to as the Digital… Read full article
Imran Khan: China Xi Jinping Pakistan Imran Khan will support each other at the United Nations: China and Pakistan will support each other at the United Nations
Strong points:
China to strengthen mutual cooperation within UNChina and Pakistan will further strengthen mutual cooperation between the United Nations and several world bodies. The two countries had held a third round of talks on United Nations affairs days earlier… Read full article
How the digital yuan stablecoin impacts crypto in China: Experts answer
Here’s what crypto and blockchain industry experts from China think about the digital yuan and how it has affected the blockchain space. Read full article
Bitcoin mining in China could soon generate as much carbon emissions as some European countries…
New York (CNN Business)Bitcoin's soaring popularity could have a long-lasting negative effect on the environment.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
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