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Tag: Government

The reasons why I left a comfortable government job for crypto
I thought we were the good guys when I worked in operations security for the Austrian government. After I learned how trivial it was for certain institutions or people in certain positions to fetch all the data related to citizens,… Read full article
The reasons why I left a comfortable government job for crypto
What was behind my decision to leave a government position and continue down a path within the crypto and blockchain space. Read full article
Here’s how the Norwegian Government now indirectly holds over 570 Bitcoin

Even after parabolic rally, top crypto VC thinks Ethereum DeFi isn’t overvalued Nick Chong · 13 hours ago · 2 min read Read full article
Former Contractor Avoids Jail Time After Mining Crypto on Government Supercomputers
A former government contractor in Sydney avoided jail time after hijacking processing power from state-owned supercomputers for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. Read full article
Former government contractor avoids jail for mining crypto at work
A former government contractor in Australia who mined crypto using state-owned supercomputers has avoided jail time.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Jonathan Khoo was ordered to complete 300 hours of community service for installing code on two supercomputers run… Read full article
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