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Tag: Government

Bitcoin to Rise to $20K This Year Spurred by Government Money Printing and Covid-19: Bloomberg
Bloomberg has forecast bitcoin to reach its record high of $20,000, and possibly $28,000, this year.
According to the company’s June Crypto Outlook report, “something has to really go wrong for bitcoin not to appreciate in value.”
Bloomberg points to… Read full article
Predatory governments D
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42min ago
Chinese Government Crackdowns and Cheap Hydropower- Miners Migrate from North to South China
China-based bitcoin miners have started to migrate southbound from North China, according to local reports. The operators are having difficulties and are transitioning mining facilities for cheap hydro-powered electricity. Testimonials also show that 64 mining operations in the prefecture in… Read full article
US Government Prediction: Economy Faces 10-Year Recovery, $8 Trillion Loss From Coronavirus
The U.S. Congressional Budget Office has projected that the coronavirus crisis will cost the U.S. economy about $8 trillion. Many factors play a part in shrinking the economy, such as business closures, social distancing measures, consumer spending, a drop in… Read full article
Can the government block my wallet?
For a few days now I am stuck with a question:

Let's say, the government decides to regulate bitcoin wallets. You want to buy a bag of potatoes at your local supermarket, but in order to be able to pay… Read full article
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