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Tag: Justin Sun

Justin Sun: “Craig Wright is a fraud.”
Justin Sun took to Twitter to call the well-known and controversial figure of Craig Wright a fraud. 
This came after the outcome of Craig's latest court case with Ira Kleiman.

Earlier this week on the 26th of May, the chief… Read full article
Tron’s Justin Sun Calls Craig Wright a Fraud After Being Termed a Scammer
A few days ago, the Tron CEO, a dynamic businessman and the most controversial founder of a blockchain project, Justin Sun was railed with all kinds of names by the crypto community for participating in dishonest schemes.

In a space… Read full article
Bitcoin Could ROCKET After Tomorrow's Goldman Event | Craig Wright & Justin Sun Embarrass Themselves
► List Of "Leaked" Bitcoin Addresses That Craig Wright Claimed To Own - https://www.courtlistener.com/docket/6309656/512/7/kleiman-v-wright/
► Anonymous Person Signs Message Claiming Wright Is A Fraud - https://paste.debian.net/1148565
► Over a Hundred 10-Year-Old Bitcoin Addresses Signed: Message Calls… Watch video
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