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Polygon & DeBank Announcement
We’re excited to announce that DeBank has integrated Polygon in our “Profile”, “Token Swap”, “DeFi Market” and DeFi Rankings. The 1st…Continue reading on DeBank » Read full article
1d ago
Cuban leader Raul Castro to resign End 60 years of Fidel Castro family monopoly: Brother Raul Castro resigns in Cuba, official end of Fidel Castro era
Strong points:
The era of famous Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro has officially ended, with Fidel Castro’s brother Raul Castro stepping down as leader of the Cuban Communist Party, concluding an era formalized by Raul and his brother Fidel Castro.… Read full article
2d ago
Trace Network Partners With Polygon And Infosys Consulting For Blockchain Revolution
Beyond Bitcoin, the hottest assets in the crypto markets are those that feature a robust ecosystem that supports several other essential sectors in the industry, such as DeFi or NFTs. The innovative Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Polygon – formerly… Read full article
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Crypto Glossary
Decentralized Application. This refers to an application that uses an Ether…
Hard cap
When an ICO is planned, the owners/managers set a final cap for how much th…
Stable coin
A crypto-currency with extremely low volatility that can be used to trade a…
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