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Tag: Reddit

1) Make anti-BCH comment. 2) Receive reddit gold from Blockstream/Core. 3) Delete comment.
Or, better yet..:

3) Edit comment to read: #useBitcoinCash


Seems to work. 👍 Read full article
3h ago
Reddit btc
Aantonopoulos sarcastically admits blockstream paid him to change his mind on the blocksize increase (as believed on reddit)
Minute 33:15

He explains how he 'changed' his mind on scaling...

He says privacy is most important for base layer now and that base layer ossified 'faster than he anticipated' yet he admits blocksize needs to increase 'some day'.… Read full article
16h ago
Reddit btc
Redditor says Ethereum is highly undervalued and currently exhibits a compelling buying opportunity
One thing that is common in the crypto space is the difference in opinions on which cryptocurrency is the best. While most agree that Bitcoin (BTC) is the top cryptocurrency with the most potential, a Redditor, DCinvestor thinks otherwise. As… Read full article
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