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Tag: XMR

Converting BTC to monero
Hey! I am fairly new to crypto and I have some bitcoin that i was looking to convert to monero. Do you have any sites I can do this on? Any help is greatly appreciated Read full article
Monero Price Analysis: 18 April
The sudden shake-up in the cryptocurrency market has resulted in the prices falling across the market. Altcoins like Monero have seen a long-term bullish trend flipped to a bearish one. However, the change in trend could be a sign of… Read full article
Im trying to promote Monero to the real world where i live ( Seoul, Korea )
Hi, Monero troops.

im happy to the Monero-Bitcoin exchange rate has recently risen on these days.

i wish you all happy about this. cuz Monero is growing on price, transactions count, mentions from community.

I wanna trying to promote Monero… Read full article
9h ago
Reddit Monero
**[QUESTION]** What is the Monero "Birthday"?
I know it's the Monero birthday today. But what does it mean?

When was Cryptonote whitepaper published?

When was Bytecoin launched?

When was Monero forked from Bytecoin? Read full article
Ways to make Monero adopted
Hi guys, I'm new to Monero and I'm really exited by it's potential.

Last day I tested out some transactions and was really amazed by how cheap and fast XMR is.

I want to be able to spend my coins!… Read full article
14h ago
Reddit Monero
Monero Integration with GrapheneOS
Are there plans to integrate Monero transactions into GrapheneOS? If you are not familiar, GrapheneOS is a degoogled security and privacy focused operating system supported by Pixel phones.

Such devices make the most sense for executing transactions securely in a… Read full article
20h ago
Reddit Monero
Supporting Monero mining on local network / Creating private Monero mining pool
Hi all.

I am more or less getting started with this whole crypto thing, and while my angle of incidence was mining, I'll probably stay for the privacy and tech! I have some questions when it comes to mining and… Read full article
Recovering wallets monero gui
Ive had a primary account and mining account on the gui for awhile now, and couldnt figure out how to get the seed keys for the mining wallet as only the primary would show up. Didnt think anything of it… Read full article
Why I Believe Monero and Blockchain Technology in General is the Future of the Internet and to Also Make Humanity More Free
So I decided to make a Reddit account for the first time in a while and I've been lurking here as well as on other subreddits for a while now.

So here is why I believe Monero and this brave… Read full article
One of the reasons I like Monero.
https://calgaryherald.com/news/crime/police-seek-suspects-in-canyon-meadows-home-invasion Read full article
Join us for a very special Monerotopia celebrating Monero’s 7th Bday tomorrow 4/18/21 at 12PM-EDT!
Join us for a very special [Monerotopia](https://twitter.com/monerotopia)\ celebrating Monero’s 7th Birthday tomorrow 4/18/21 at 12PM-EDT!

LIVE on YouTube & Clubhouse too!

W/  [u/chowbungaman](https://www.reddit.com/u/chowbungaman/), [u/sunchakr](https://twitter.com/sunchakr), Vik Sharma of Cake Wallet, Csilla & YOU on stage here: http://meet.jit.si/Monerotopia

Show is sponsored by … Read full article
Monero scaleability questions
Hey y'all,

So we all know that Monero has scalability features like how Monero blocks use an elastic size based on the median size of the last n blocks. This allows us to process more transactions in times of a… Read full article
What can I do to help secure the Monero network?
I’m fairly technical and mined some Monero on MineXMR in 2018 and 2019. I run a Bitcoin node and want to help do the same on Monero, if possible. Does anyone have resources/instructions on how best to do this?

Thanks Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
Second Monero Village staff meeting
The second (of about ten) staff meeting for the **Monero Village at Defcon** 29 (August 2021) is happening:

* Saturday 17 April 2021
* \#monero-events
* 18:00 UTC

# Agenda


**Reminder:** Those who decline to contribute work during planning… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
Where can I buy and store Monero?
Since I can't buy Monero from coinbase, where can I buy Monero safely with cash (don't want to spend bitcoin)?

My second question is, where can I safely store it if I don't own a hardware wallet? Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
Biggest Vulnerability in Monero
The demand by an entity that you hand over your private view keys.

Is there no deniability method that shows $0 or can spoof any transaction history? Read full article
/r/Monero Weekly Discussion – April 17, 2021 - Use this thread for general chatter, basic questions, and if you're new to Monero
## Index

1. General questions
2. Wallet: CLI & GUI
3. Wallet: Ledger
4. Nodes

# 1. General questions

## **Where can I download the Monero wallet?**

There are multiple Monero wallets for a wide range of devices at your… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
Comparision between Monero tech and MimbleWimble
SO, i got interesed in privacy cryptos, and is obvious, that the first i got contact is Monero, so then i researched more about privacy coins, i found out about Zcash and zkSNARK, PIVX,etc.

One curious thing i found, is… Read full article
2d ago
Reddit Monero
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