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Ordinals Attract Ethereum Devs To Bitcoin As Project’s Mass Adoption Skyrockets
Ordinals is drawing top talents across web3, including ETH developers, to build on the Bitcoin Network.OrdinalSafe, a wallet designed for Bitcoin Ordinals, emerged in second place in Bitcoin 2023’s pitch day event.The great Ordinal debate takes center stage as some… Read full article
Russia backtracks from plan to create national crypto exchange
Bitcoin Bitcoin’s leap above $28k triggers $130 million in crypto liquidations 2 hours ago · 2 min read Read full article
The Most Attractive Factors of DogeMiyagi, Avalanche, and Cardano
In a vast sea of diverse cryptocurrencies, each boasting distinct features and functionalities, it can be hard figuring out which ones are perfect for you. To those on the outside of the crypto community, it can seem like the only… Read full article
Weekly cryptocurrency news | Binance’s service guide for Japan attracts attention, Japanese government strengthens tracking of cryptocurrencies, etc.
news of the week We will deliver the news mainly for one week (5/20-5/26). This week, major crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange Binance announced the end of its global platform service for Japanese residents, and other news was read the… Read full article
CME Group to Allow Bitcoin Contracts to Expire Every Day of the Week
CME Group in Chicago, one of the world’s biggest derivatives marketplaces, says it’s going to be expanding its Ethereum and bitcoin-based options across both standard and micro-sized contracts.
CME Group to Establish All-Day Bitcoin Contract Trading
The news comes right… Read full article
Bitcoin Attracts Investors As Correlation With NASDAQ Down To 0.26
Bitcoin’s recent move away from its usual correlation with the stock market has increased its appeal to investors as a portfolio diversifier.

A report by market analysts of digital assets has highlighted bitcoin’s divergence from its usual similarities to stock… Read full article
Bitcoin on a Wait-and-See Basis, Deribit Expires $3.6 Billion Crypto Option Contracts
Macroeconomics and financial markets In the US NY stock market on the 25th, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 35 dollars (0.11%) from the previous day, and the Nasdaq Index closed at 213 points (1.7%) higher. Markets have been weighed… Read full article
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DDoS Attack
Distributed Denial of Service is a form of cyber-attack that aims to make a…
Shorthand for Over The Counter, which means crypto transactions that are ma…
OCO Orders
One cancels the other, so two trading orders placed at the same time, while…
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