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This is what former WHO director López Acuña would say to his son to convince him of the vaccines
Posted: Saturday April 10, 2021 6:06 PM
Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former director of WHO, sends a message of “security and tranquility”. In his speech on LaSexta Noticias, he defends that the AstraZeneca vaccine, like the rest of the… Read full article
8h ago
Reham Khan marks Imran Khan’s hypocrite: Rehman Khan, former wife of Imran Khan, told PM
Strong points:
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been dubbed a hypocrite by his ex-wife Reham Khan. Rehman Khan called Prime Minister Imran Khan “still an apologist on rape”.Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has been caught making controversial statements… Read full article
2d ago
Mina Protocol review — caractéristiques de la nouvelle plateforme avec blockchain compressé
Les blockchains de premier plan tels que Bitcoin (BTC) ou Ethereum (ETH) stockent des centaines de giga-octets de données transactionnels…Continue reading on Everstake » Read full article
Former Goldman Sachs Exec: Since Its Inception, Ethereum Has Outperformed Bitcoin
On Wednesday (April 7), former Goldman Sachs executive Raoul Pal, who is seen as an important influencer in the crypto community, pointed out that since its inception, Ethereum has outperformed Bitcoin by 250%. Prior to founding macro economic and investment… Read full article
‘ETH has outperformed BTC by 250% since inception’: Raoul Pal triggers debate
Real Vision co-founder and CEO Raoul Pal has sparked a spirited debate after predicting that Ethereum and other coins with “network effects” will outperform Bitcoin over time.

Pal shared a chart of Ether’s price relative to BTC since Aug. 7,… Read full article
'ETH has outperformed BTC by 250% since inception': Raoul Pal triggers debate
Real Vision’s Raoul Pal believes that altcoins with an active ecosystem of devs and apps will likely beat out Bitcoin over time. Read full article
What is your opinion on Firo (formerly ZCoin)
So I love XMR, but I just found out about firo. Seems like a good project, but before buying some I felt for asking the pros on this sub! So... what’s everyone’s opinion on it? Surely it’s not even close… Read full article
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