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Tag: litcoin

Litecoin Halving: What You Need to Know
The cryptocurrency market is abuzz with the upcoming Litecoin halving event, which is scheduled to take place in August 2024.Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
18h ago
Bitcoin halving aftermath: LTC, LINK emerge as investor favorites
Fears about Bitcoin's reaction to two events opened doors for LTC and LINK. Read full article
Litecoin (LTC) And Fetch.AI (FET) Fails Investors, ETFSwap (ETFS) Ready For 10,000% Bounce
In early April 2024, the crypto industry experienced a significant shakedown in price, which severely affected the market. Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency, fell below $60,000, and Ethereum (ETH) broke its $3,000 support level. While the market seems to have… Read full article
1d ago
The Man Of Tomorrow #10 — One Year Of Bitcoin ($BTC) and Litecoin ($LTC)
The Man of Tomorrow series often presented some insights from my day-to-day life, how I spend my time, and those little motivational…Continue reading on The Crypto Kiosk » Read full article
Halving Hype Lifts Litecoin: Analyst Sees 400% Price Increase Coming
Litecoin (LTC), the digital currency often dubbed “silver to Bitcoin’s gold,” has been stirring in the shadows of its flashier counterpart. Despite a recent price dip from $112 to $83, analysts see glimmers of a potential surge in the coming… Read full article
2d ago
Will the Bitcoin halving help Litecoin rally 300% this summer?
Litecoin’s price broke above a long-term bull pattern post-Bitcoin halving, hinting at a 300% price rise. Read full article
BlockDAG’s 4.5K Rig Sale Amid Cardano Blockchain & Litecoin Price Shifts
BlockDAG’s Moon Keynote Teaser Orchestrates Over 4.7K Home Mining Rigs Sale As Cardano & Litecoin See Price Movements
BlockDAG is revolutionising the cryptocurrency landscape, demonstrated by the impressive sale of over 4,700 home mining rigs, ignited by the anticipation around… Read full article
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