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Tag: Litecoin

When Taproot and Schnorr for Litecoin - plan to wait after btc implements it, or try it before?
Do you think Litecoin could be implementing Taproot and Schnorr **before** btc?? Is there any public communication by Litecoin devs about a timing?

And If there is no plan, what is the consensus desire among the main devs, rather before… Read full article
Litecoin's next surge may depend on Bitcoin's market performance
The bearish lows of December 2019 were overcome with the recent collective surge witnessed by the crypto market. Bitcoin silver’s counterpart Litecoin experienced a similar hike over the period as the 7th largest digital asset breached its psychological resistance of… Read full article
Price Analysis Jan 17: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, ETC, TRX
The total crypto market capitalization has risen from about $190.5 billion at the start of the year to over $243 billion. That is a rise of about 27.55% within 17 days. This shows that the bulls are back in action.… Read full article
Bitcoin outperforms Ethereum, litecoin with a higher address profitability
Bitcoin has managed to consolidate higher in the charts after a few consistent surges; other major assets have followed BTC’s path in improving their respective valuations.

Despite rising market caps, the address profitability for certain major cryptos has not mirrored… Read full article
Litecoin Surges Ahead, Reaches First Target at $60
Litecoin makes impressive moves and attempts to move out of the oversold area. Unfortunately, LTC reaches its first target price of $60 but struggles to break it. LTC is in a sideways move while the bulls attempt to breach the… Read full article
iOS Wallet @ https://litecoin.org/
When I visit [https://litecoin.org/](https://litecoin.org/) the very 1st thing I see is a person using a Litecoin Wallet on an iOS device. When I click the download link at the top they only show options for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.… Read full article
Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Gives Reasons Why His LTC Sell-Off Was Different From Ethereum Foundation’s ETH Sell-Off
During the peak of the 2017 crypto-mania, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee announced that he had sold all of his LTC holdings. Lee, who founded Litecoin in 2011, cited the conflict of interest as the main reason for that move. Despite… Read full article
Importing old wallet.dat into Litecoin Core (MAC)
I stupidly changed the location (in a folder on my desktop)

and now my wallet say 0.00

How do I go about fixing this? Any help much appreciated Read full article
XRP, LTC, TRX, and ATOM now available to buy with bank card on LATOKEN
Cryptocurrency exchange company LATOKEN, announced today it has added four new tokens that users can buy with a credit or debit card.

Options have been expanded to include Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), and Cosmos (ATOM). All of these… Read full article
Litecoin team, do you know which major protocol changes are planned in 2020?
Hi community, does someone know which major protocol adjustments for Litecoin are planned for the year 2020/2021? What I mean by that are new features like taproot, privacy, etc. I know that Bitcoin plans for Taproot for example and as… Read full article
Was Ethereum’s Sell-Off Actually THAT Similar to Litecoin’s?
At the end of last year, it was revealed that the Ethereum Foundation sold almost a $100 million worth of Ethereum.
Such a thought process was made by the co-founder nearly two years after the cryptocurrency was able to hit… Read full article
New Partnership Between Litecoin & BlockFi to Benefit Both Parties 
A new partnership has just been revealed between the Litecoin Foundation and BlockFi to help push the awareness of BlockFi’s range of products.
The new collaboration somewhat came out of the blue with the foundation citing that the two would… Read full article
report about Litecoin mass adoption by Cryptwerk
Hi, everybody!

we decided that it would be nice to share some information about [Litecoin](https://cryptwerk.com/pay-with/ltc/) adoption in real world as a currency

We think that our small report will inspire the whole community

The number of companies where you can… Read full article
Litecoin Primed for Reversal as Altcoins Surge — Price Analysis


Litecoin Primed for Reversal as Altcoins Surge — Price Analysis


Litecoin Primed for Reversal as Altcoins Surge — Price Analysis

Colin Muller
16 Jan 2020/In #Bitcoin , #Litecoin , #Price Analysis
Short term trend: Definitely overheated and likely… Read full article
Litecoin's Lee describes how Ethereum foundation's ETH selloff was different than his
The Ethereum Foundation is well-known for not only being the main house behind Ethereum‘s development but also for its lack of transparency; transparency in terms of its members and financial statements. Taking its non-transparent nature into consideration, the news of… Read full article
John Kim Says Bitcoin Community Will Utilise Mimblewimble on Litecoin
The Mimblewimble integration on Litecoin is one of the most highly anticipated events the LTC community is excited for at the minute.
Following the Grin Developer, David Burkett joining the project, the community is very open in their support for… Read full article
Litecoin foundation partners with BlockFi to provide more liquidity opportunities
Litecoin Foundation recently announced its partnership with BlockFi, a cryptocurrency lending startup, intending to promote the use of BlockFi’s “suite of products” to provide Litecoin users with more options like earning interest on and borrowing against their Litecoin used within… Read full article
Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: Bulls Remain In Driver’s Seat
Litecoin price gained a strong bullish momentum after it broke the $48.00 resistance against the US Dollar.
LTC price traded towards the $60.00 resistance and it is currently correcting lower.
There is a key contracting triangle forming with support near… Read full article
Price Analysis Jan 15: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, TRX, XMR
The crypto space is making a comeback and the rally is being led by altcoins. While several altcoins might participate in the initial rally, we believe that the market will start differentiating between each cryptocurrency based on its fundamentals. Hence,… Read full article
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