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Circle’s appoints former CFTC chairman as new chief legal officer
Clip from Lew Later (A Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Is Heading To Earth...) - https://youtu.be/IH8lhzCwqr0 Read full article
America doesn’t need a digital currency, it already has a dollar ─ Suggests similarities between FTX and Binance: SEC Chairman Gensler | CoinDesk JAPAN | CoinDesk Japan
America doesn’t need a digital currency, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gensler said in an interview with CNBC on June 6. “We don’t need a digital currency… we already have a digital currency. It’s called the US dollar,” Gensler… Read full article
Sam Bankman-Fried expresses concerns over late evidence in criminal trial 
ANTHROPIC's recently launched a new Chatgpt competitor, in this video i provide examples of how you can use the new ai chatbot for daily tasks and how it com... Read full article
2d ago
Superman Released as Web3 Movie Experience
Iconic DC Super Hero Film, Superman, is being released as a multimedia living movie experience from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Eluvio.
The experience Includes 4K UHD Feature Film and Special Features, Interactive Themed Navigation, Explorable Image Galleries, Discoverable Digital… Read full article
2d ago
Crypto Daily
SEC’s Binance lawsuit may occur on Coinbase ─ German investment bank analyst points out | coindesk JAPAN | Coindesk Japan
On June 5, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) sued cryptocurrency exchange Binance and its CEOs for violating federal securities laws. Marc Palmer, an analyst at German investment bank Berenberg, said the SEC had some similarities to previous charges… Read full article
Bitcoin Life Insurance Startup Raises $19M in Seed Rounds Led by Sam Altman and Gradient Ventures
Meanwhile, a life insurance company that uses bitcoin, has accumulated $19 million through two seed funding rounds. The first round was led by Openai CEO Sam Altman and former Stripe executive Lachy Groom, while Google’s Gradient Ventures took charge of… Read full article
Bitcoin holders were profitable in May: Goldman Sachs | CoinDesk JAPAN | CoinDesk Japan
Goldman Sachs said May’s on-chain statistics show a mixed picture for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in a June 5 report. While the cohort group’s Ethereum balances remained largely unchanged, bitcoin addresses with balances of 100,000 BTC or more saw… Read full article
Openai Boss Sam Altman Claims He’s Not Involved in Worldcoin’s Day-to-Day Operations at All
After Tools for Humanity, the team behind the biometric cryptocurrency project Worldcoin announced it had raised $115 million in a Series C led by Blockchain Capital, Sam Altman, co-founder and chief executive of the artificial intelligence (AI) firm Openai, clarified… Read full article
SEC Chairman Gensler Stresses Existing Fiat Digital Currencies Are Sufficient Amid Coinbase and Binance Actions
In the aftermath of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) enforcement actions against Coinbase and Binance, chairman Gary Gensler engaged in a conversation, maintaining that further digital currencies are unnecessary. “We already have digital currency. It’s called the U.S.… Read full article
SEC Deletes Former Director Hinman’s Biography amidst Ripple vs SEC Case
SEC Deletes Former Director Hinman’s Biography amidst Ripple vs SEC Case
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) erased the biography of former commissioner William Hinman from its website eight days before the court demanded the financial watchdog… Read full article
Bitcoin Saw Heavy Profit Taking in May: Goldman Sachs
The unprecedented withdrawals only reflect a small amount of Binance's reserves, according to data from CryptoQuant. Read full article
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