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Tag: Regulations

Kenya’s golf stablecoin highlights need for Africa-wide regulations
A stablecoin that will be used to pay entrance fees for the golfing tournaments of a Kenyan 'entrepreneurs network’ has started testing under the local regulatory sandbox. Read full article
Crypto regulations in the United Kingdom: Are we there yet?
Policymaking in the United Kingdom is typically reactionary, and this is no less true in the context of the crypto-asset industry. Reactionary policymaking means that the U.K.’s crypto regime is occasionally behind those of its competitors, which could ultimately cause… Read full article
Cryptocurrency Regulations in Canada
Tariq Ahmad Foreign LawSpecialist

SUMMARY: Canada primarily regulates cryptocurrencies under securities laws. The Canadian Securities Administrators have issued guidance on how the relevant laws may apply to different activities involving cryptocurrencies. It includes information on when coins or tokens may… Read full article
Crypto regulations in the United Kingdom: Are we there yet?
For the U.K. to remain attractive to the crypto industry, it should strive to provide more clarity and certainty around compliance. Read full article
How Regulation Works for Bitcoin Exchanges and Bitcoin ATM Operators
Key to understanding how US regulation for bitcoin exchanges and bitcoin ATM operators works is to start with the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)…Continue reading on Medium » Read full article
Crypto acceptance has no future without law enforcement and regulation.
Crypto be contingent on the aptitude of controllers to generate an outline that defends consumers and makes investing in crypto more friendly.

The foundation of any exchange of worth is trust. The more 2 parties faith on each other, the… Read full article
2d ago
Crypto hedge funds and mining regulations: Bad crypto news of the week
It’s been a difficult week for Bitcoin this week. The price has fallen about 5 percent over the last seven days to drop beneath $10,400. It could bounce but if it continues downwards, it might drop below $10,000 and get… Read full article
A minster’s look at regulation and innovation: A necessity to strike a balance
Repeatedly, proponents of disruptive technologies have proven that regulation and innovation have an immense potential to actualize a mutually beneficial existence. The often delicate relationship between innovators and regulators — which may be mired by antagonism — is fundamental to… Read full article
Crypto adoption has no future without regulation and law enforcement
The basis of any exchange of value is trust. The more two parties trust each other, the more they will feel confident engaging in transactions. Not just engaging in a high volume of transactions, but higher value transactions, too.

Bitcoin… Read full article
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